One Year Later :)

I can’t believe it has been one year since we were in Aruba!! We need to go back like right now!! I will gladly throw back on the dress and repeat the vows if you all need an excuse! But really I think getting a good tan (or sunburn in some Caitlin cases) is a good enough excuse!

Things in Chicago are pretty good. To celebrate the ol one year anniversary we are going to a fancy resort in Wisconsin (so not as nice as Aruba) parents got us a gift certificate for xmas..i convinced Sam into getting the “ultimate romance package” which consists of bathrobes you get to keep, champagne, breakfasts in bed, dinners in your room, and i would have to assume some sort of chocolate somewhere in the mix…so we are looking forward to that for sure..

And then in a couple more weeks we are off to Boston for my sister’s baby christening..we are the godparents so here is hoping we don’t drop the little bugger.

Work is going good..i only have 1 1/2 more months as an intern so I am very excited about year i don’t have quite as much call so it should be better. and i get the tinest raise imaginable but it’s still a raise!

Guess that is about it for me. I miss you girls all tons and feel we should definetly get together soon! A year apart is just too long!! Besides we need to throw Dawn a bacherolette party…but I would suggest no tequila shot then beer chugging contests..especially if she has somewhere to be the next day 😉

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5 Responses to “One Year Later :)”

  • Shira [ 13May08]

    Wisconsin sounds like fun! I did a report on Wisconsin in 3rd grade – the cheese state! But it’s always nice to get away and get some fresh air, no matter where it is you go. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

    Yeah, seriously, I don’t remember whose idea the beer chugging contest was, but definitely NOT a good one. I had 6 glasses of wine the other night at dinner and was sick the whole next day -and it was all the same wine!! Hello. Apparently we just can’t drink like we used to, eh.
    How’s the dog doing?

  • Cailtin K [ 13May08]

    I also recently had a sick day due to drinking just a tad too much..but i actually thought i could still do tons of shots and then mix everyother type of alcohol with that..paid for that one! Sheeba is doing good..she is finally mastering NOT peeing in the house so that is fantastic!

  • Dawn [ 15May08]

    Wisconsin does sound like fun! There’s nothing like being pampered every once in a while. And I’m glad I’m not the only one turning into a lightweight-I actually get hangovers now! They are not fun. But I would love a get together! Happy one year anniversary Caitlin!

  • Shira [ 29May08]

    How was your special anniversary weekend??

  • Shira [ 11Jul08]

    Yo Girlfriend, what up?! Any chance you’re going to be in NY in August? I’ll be coming home (with Luca) from the 7th – 21st. Maybe we can catch up?! miss you tons, Sheesh

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