Hello lovely ladies!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on what was going on here, and also to make sure everyone got their wedding invites! They all went out, so if you didn’t get one please let me know. Everything here is good-we are settling in to the new house, it is a TON of work, but fun. Pulling things together for the wedding. I am currently unemployed, have been going on interviews and have a few things pending, just have to decide what I want. I hope to see you guys in September-I miss you all so much! I also hope everyone is having a good summer-anything exciting going on, fun vacations or what not?

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naughty naughty activities

so last week my family and i went to this huge BRIS party for friends of my family. they just had quadruplets and 3 of the babies were boys, so that meant “snip snip”. my boyfriend is friends with the babies’ father, so he was there too. we cant really tell anyone that we are dating or within 5 minutes word will get around the the persian community and everyone will think we are engaged. so up until that night, him and i were talking about a way to sneak out of the party to fool around. there isnt much room in the back seat of his car, so he borrowed another friend’s range rover. he texts me in the middle of the reception, and we met in the parking lot. found a nice alleyway down the street. very thankful it was late and no one was around. after fooling around, we finally gather ourselves and head back to the party. he walks in first and then me. a little while later he is talking to someone i know who has a beautiful little girl. i noticed the girl was crying, so i meant to ask if i could help in anyway. the guy goes “oh thank you so much. oh, by the way..i would like to introduce you to Mo. Mo this is Frances, Frances this is Mo.” Both of us went along and pretended we didnt know each other. I really wanted to say “Oh, it is nice to meet you. Didnt we just have sex a few minutes ago?” hee-hee….

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summer in nyc!

Hey Ladies,

Sorry, I havent written in sooo long. I totally forgot how to login to this website. Shira was kind enough to email me directions, so I thought I would write a post before I forgot. Everything is going very well here in NYC. Just got back from a 2 week trip to Israel with an organization called Birthright. It was an amazing time!! We saw and experienced so much. I even pulled a Frances and fell while hiking. I was taken to the hospital and got 5 stiches on my forehead. Thank goodness that is ALL that happened! Since then I have been busy teaching summer school, writing up my research project from last year, and working at an autism research lab. I am loving the work, just wish I was actually getting PAID for it!! Evidently it is all supposed to pay off in a few years. Besides school/work, I have been dating a guy for almost 4 months now. He is also persian/jewish. We were set up through family. I was very hesitant at first, but thought why not give it a chance? Things are going very well and it is actually nice to finally meet a guy who doesnt play games. I have told him plenty of college Frances stories and he still hasnt dumped me, so I guess this one is a keeper!??!?  Hope everyone is well. xoxoxoxo

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Vacation Fund Continues to Grow

Well, just thought i would let you all know that our vacation fund is officially at $32.15!  The clicks were down last month, though, so get clicking!!  😉

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