Caitlin & Shira in Aruba

I enjoy this picture of me and Caitlin.
Being tan is a good thing.
For some.
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Hello Ladies!

So yes, we are settled into Chicago (sort of)! I was able to see Caitlin and Sam when we first got here, which was wonderful. I cannot believe how long it had been! Tim and I have been house-hunting, and actually decided today which one we want to put an offer in on-YIKES! Quite the commitment. Why this scares me and not marraige I do not know…

Caitlin, I would love it if you came out for a Bears game! And if you get us beat up or kicked out, we’ll just take it to a bar and get kicked out of there too 🙂 I miss you all lots, and am so excited to read all of your posts and see how everyone is doing!

Side note: if anyone didn’t get a save the date card please let me know-I either don’t have your address, or it got stuck to the inside of the mailbox. Something to think about if you are ever trying to send magnets in a metal mailbox.

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