I swear I made a post yesterday.

So, I wrote a post yesterday, went on today, and it wasn’t there.  I think I messed it up somehow.  So I will write a quick one again :).  I think most of you guys know that Rob and I are living together now.  It’s wonderful.  Our apartment is beautiful and we get along really well.  We’re pretty much at the same level of sloppiness (I may even be a little neater)…now, before you guys start getting worried–I’m much neater since I moved in here.  I pick up after myself and clean regularly.  It’s pretty amazing.  Dawn, you’d be so impressed :).  We’ve been having many informal WII parties as well.  We also have an air mattress and room for overnight guests (hint hint).

Work is going well.  It looks like i’m going to be moving to a new store by November.  They haven’t started building it yet, but they will soon I hope.  It will be a 20 minute drive to work instead of an hour drive to work which is nice.  It’s career wise it’s a good move.

I’m sorry that I can’t join you all in Aruba.  I want everyone to send me their pictures though (jennol230@gmail.com).

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where have all the decent mens gone?

ugh..i had written a beautiful posting, but then somehow it magically disappeared. just like all the decent mens have disappeared. i swear they are all stranded on an island waiting to be saved.

life is going good. still teaching them delinquent undergrads. have to do that for another 2 more years. it pays my tuition and a meager bi-weekly paycheck. it boggles my mind how screwed up some of my students are. one girl didnt show up to the exam because she “wasnt ready to take it yet.” another one emails me before the exam asking if she could possibly get a make up later because work is very busy, so she doesnt have the time to study. she also makes sure to include that she is supporting her husband and daughter. cry me a river. do ya want some cheese with that whine?!?!  classes are same old. my original research idea is going well and now starting to develop another one. if only there was 27 hrs in a day?

ooohh…doing the WALK FOR AUTISM on june 3rd, so email me if you are interested in sponsoring me!!

xoxox…frances 🙂


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