Finally a JOB!!!

Well I finally found out where I will be doing my Peds residency! I am going to be working at Hope Children’s Hospital which is just a little south of downtown Chicago!!! Yippee!! Needless to say I am happy as this was my number one choice and I get to stay in Chicago!! So you all can visit this great city again (or for the first time) in the next three years because I will be here for at least that long!  And we are going to move places and most likely into a 2 bedroom so there will be a room for guests!!

So now that that particular stressor is out of the way I can focus more on the wedding 🙂 We finally found a suit for Sam so that is good. My dress is almost done with alterations which is even more exciting! And we have picked a DJ but let me tell you…his play list is a little weak…i am talking “Hot, Hot, Hot” and Vanilla Ice weak…so please feel free to email me song suggestions because we are allowed to change his unless you all feel like going down memory lane circa 1992 send me suggestion!!

Not too much else happening around here…nothing as exciting as what is happening in San Diego and Ms. Dawn and her new engagement! I think we should all but her non-stop until she posts all the details and pictures of her, the boy, and possible the ring!!

Miss you all tons and only two months till the Wedding!!!!

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