The Life and Times of a Housewife (who’s not married)

I was just reading some of our old entries (and fixing broken picture links) when I stumbled upon the entry in which Caitlin L. admits that she started writing a romance novel.  HELLO?!?!  I think we need excerpts here!!!

 Can we just say I’m practicing housewifery this month. And it blows.  Okay, I can see how some people would think that not having to go to work and being able to stay home and do whatever you want all day would be the best thing in the world.   And to an extent, I am enjoying it.  But on the other hand, I seriously never leave the house, and I feel that’s not exactly a healthy situation.  I’m starting to get rather bored, though I am pursuing some special projects that I’ve been wanting to purse for a long time.  I hate not making money, no question about that.  Mostly, I just feel like I’m wasting my talents–the world NEEDS me!!!  I feel like I’m not a contributing member of society!!  HELP!

*Deep breath* I have an interview tomorrow morning with the president/principal (I’m not exactly sure which because in Italian I think they sort of mean the same thing…) of some kind of a school.  Vague, right?  I think it’s a sort of professional/technical school that also helps people find jobs…or something like that.  I’ve been to this “school” several times already, but it just doesn’t feel like a school to me, I guess that’s why this is sort of confusing.

 Anyways, the president/principal is apparently organizing some sort of project in which American chefs come to Italy for 6 months (for the next three years) and Italian chefs go to America for six months.  And they might need someone to help organize the program who speaks English and knows about the kitchen. 

I think it’s obvious to the whole world that they need ME.  Hopefully I can convince this Prez. of the same thing tomorrow morning, in Italian. 

Yeah, thanks for the good luck cards.  Eeeeeeeeeeeee.

Actually, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not even that scared to go on these interviews anymore.  My language skills are what they are, and there’s no point belabouring the point, right?

The other project I’m pursuing is sort of a wine education/marketing/import/export thing.  It’s insane.  Basically, two guys (in their 30s) who have doctorates in enology have been working as wine consultants for the past two years.  (They go to winemakers who need help making better wines and guide them, showing them new techniques and practices, machinery, etc. that will help them make better wines).  They’ve decided that the winemakers they are consulting for need help marketing and selling their wines, in Italy, Europe, Asia and the US.  So, I’m sort of half-helping them start this new branch of their “business”.  But, it’s not what I really want to be doing, especially not in the illegal and backhanded way they’re going about it.

 I bought Luca and I one of those big excercise balls for Christmas.  Fun!  Does anyone know a good ball workout video?

We went to Luca’s house by the sea this weekend and it was a lot of fun.  (Good to get out of the house!)  The weather was beautiful–we hit the open market on Saturday morning, had fresh pineapple and ham sandwhiches for lunch, went for a long walk on the boardwalk, and then Luca made a great pasta sauce with sundried tomatoes and Ligurian basil for dinner.  Yummerz.  On Sunday his cousin and her boyfriend came up for the day and we gourged ourselves with fried fish (well, I mostly ate the french fries b/c I’m not a big fan of fish lately).

This morning I walked down the street to our little grocery store to get some breakfast supplies.  There were three choices of cereal: Cocoa-Puffs, Chocolate Rice Krispies, and an extremely shady brand of corn flakes.  I got chocolate rice krispies, but realize that I may have to go out to the real grocery store soon.  I feel so isolated here!  Like, what is my problem, am I not capable of making the 5 minute drive to a real grocery store?!  I have my own car (which is now sporting new rear brakes-augh).

So, anyways, I guess things are pretty alright.  I’m looking forward to Caitlin’s wedding and catching up with you all!! 

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just a few more semesters to go….

just wanted to drop a line to say hello to my favorite ladies. can you guys believe it has been 3.5 years since we graduated?!!? whoa! nothing too interesting going on over here. i am currently on vacation between my 2 semesters. 6 weeks!! Such a long vacation can be good and bad. It takes forever to get back into the hang of classes when the semester starts. I have got officially 3 more semesters of classes to go and then my 2nd board exam, an internship, and my dissertation. Give or take I should be done by the time I am 80!! 🙂 No news on the male front. I did get asked out by one of my students, after I had put all their grades in. Unfortunately this was NOT the student I have been drooling over all semester, but it was very nice to the ego! Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2007! XOXOX ~Frances

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On The Road Again

I’m heading back to Europe on Saturday after a wonderful relaxing month at home.  I went to get a facial yesterday in celebration of my twenty-sixth birthday, which was the ninth, and it was highly enjoyable!  (Thanks Mom, Dad & Phoebe)  I’m really looking forward to making some money again, so will be hitting the job search trail hard.  I’m taking an Online course to get certified in teaching English as a second language–so, I’m hoping that might help me land something.  I miss you all lots and hope that everyone is well!!! oxoxox

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Somehow my brother Seth randomly got ahold of some of the pictures I took when we were together in NYC this summer.  Check ’em!

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Happy New Year!!!!

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Years! I had an enjoyable time in good ol Warsaw with the family. Didn’t do much except drink with my brothers and sister and play a lot of board games with the parents. Did get to spend sometime with the soon to be in-laws (didn’t call them mom and dad though-still waiting to try that).

Did some wedding planning so things are slowly but steadily coming together! Very exciting! I can’t believe it is now 2007 and I will be getting married and become a doctor this year (within a span of like three weeks nonetheless). I have finished all of my residency interviews so I am currently doing nothing for the month of Januaray (except trying desperatly to get into shape and to plan the wedding). I can honestly say that I do hate the treadmill and it has only been two days since I got back on it! But unfortunately I will become the treadmills best friend for the next month at least. I don’t actually hear about where I get my job until March 15th. I am pretty hopeful I can get in somewhere in Chicago but I will keep you girls posted. I could end up in Boston, Philly or DC (Sorry, I didn’t interview in NYC).

Guess that is about it for me..I also think that when I post it will sound more interesting but it always sounds so boring when I actually type it out (sorry ladies!).  I will have to think of something terribly exciting for next time…like maybe doing dirty things in public places again or at least getting drunk tackled in public parks!

Miss you all tons and can’t wait to hear what is new with all of you!

Caitlin (chicago style)

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