Hi everyone!

Just thought I’d give the new site a try…how is everyone doing? Things are good here…me and Tim both managed to get time off for Christmas, so we’re going to his house in Michigan for a few days, and then NY for a few…it will be exhausting, but very worth it! Not too much else new…OH…I got a tattoo! It’s pretty…it’s three flowers that go along the arch of my foot…still not convinced it was a great idea, but I did it, so I’m teaching myself to love it! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving-I miss you all!

Dawn 🙂

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Roomies Around The World Upgrades!

As you can see, I’m upgrading the site this week: switching to a more powerful blog program, so bear with us for a few more days.

How is everyone?  What are you all doing for New Year’s?  I’ve decided to come home for a month, arriving in Rochester on December 13 and departing January 13.

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Happy Belated Birthday Caitlin!

These last few weeks have been such a blur. Happy Bday Cait! What did you do to celebrate this year? I hope something more exciting than studying for an exam or something like that. (I’m crossing my fingers that you at least made jell-o shots at home to enjoy while you were studying).

Congrats on the new job Nicole! It sounds great! I know how you feel about connections getting you a job…But all of the professional job search companies say that getting a job is all about connections, so I would say, don’t feel guilty, especially if it’s a job you like. Good luck!

How are you all doing? I’ve totally dropped off the face of the earth the last few months, sorry girls! I miss you all lots. Fall is in full swing here and with it came tourist season, so I’ve been working a stupid amount of time (i.e. ALL THE TIME) at this stupid job that I hate!! (okay, needed to vent) Just a couple more weeks at the bed and breakfast and then that’s over forever!! thank god.

I’m in the process of getting my italian passport, doing some geneological research, collecting official documents from town halls around the world…it’s interesting work. I wish I could just have it all done and get the damn passport already (b/c until I have that, getting another job is out of the question).

Luca and I are still in the move-in process. It has never taken me so long to get settled in a new house!! The main issue here is that I worked every single day this month except for this past Monday and Tuesday, when I was in Tuscany with Brenda and Gerry. So, yeah, not ever having a day off kind of sucks and limits the time you have for organizing–and living–your life.

I’m toying with the idea of starting my own business here in Italy. Wine exportation into the US. I would really love to start my own little bakeshop which is more in line with what I studied in school and what I love. It feels like such an overwhelming idea right now, that I’m not sure I’m ready for that. If anyone wants to move over here and help me, let me know!!

I’m planning on coming home this winter for an extended stay–at least a month or two. I miss my family so much I just can’t stand it. And since I’m out of a job for a while, I figure I’ll take advantage of this time.

Things with Luca are better than ever. Living together (sort of, if he ever moves his clothes in!!) has brought us much closer, and forces us to talk to eachother when we have issues (I have a tendancy to not talk…). So, thus far, it’s been great. Will try harder to keep in touch, miss you all tons and hope you had Happy Halloweens!! Did anyone dress up!?!

P.S. Dawn, you need to stop moving because every time you move I have to redesign your picture on our page!!! 🙂

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