I have a job!! I have a FULL TIME job!! at a SCHOOL even!!

I’m sooo happy that I am gainfully employed! I’m working as a paraprofessional in a pretty neat elementary school. I love the school and my fellow teachers, and the students, a bunch. I’m helping out in the library for a large chunk of time (which is the best elementary library I have ever seen) and I’m also helping out with a special ed. writing class, working one-on-one with an adorable 5th grader who needs some extra attention, and monitoring the first and second grade recess. It’s a busy day, and I love that I’m helping the school where it needs me, but… I miss having a classroom! I want my OWN classroom!

but hey, it’s a foot in the door, and since I’m signing all my paperwork tomorrow morning, I think I get a desk!!

I got this job through a connection, and I will be FOREVER greatful for it, but there are a couple of times that I wish I didn’t know someone else in the school and I could figure it out on my own, you know?

love to all my lovely ladies!!

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