Three Down, One to Go!

Well I am official in my Fourth Year of Med School!! Yippee! This is a good thing because I should have basically all weekends off and no tests…bad thing cuz I have to apply and interview for residency..but what it means to you girls is only one more year till free prescriptions!! and hopefully it will work out that I can come to NYC to see my ladies!!
Currently I am home in Warsaw for about a week. Sam’s sister is getting married this weekend. I am getting a little nervous for my first appearance in Indian cloths. Sam’s parents have really taken the idea of me being a part of the family to heart as well. I will be sitting and the head table and they want me there for ALL of the events. And the keep saying “we can’t wait to just show you off to all the relatvies.” Nothing like a little pressure. But I am sure I can mingle just fine with the Hindi only speaking crowed 😉 Not to mention that the wedding is more like a full weekend event. The festivities start Thrus night and don’t end till Sunday afternoon! One big reason to do a destination wedding!! So if I get any good pictures I’ll have to send them to you all so you can see Caitlin as an Indian!
After this week I am going to California to be in a med school friend’s wedding..So that should be fun. I unfortunately have to were a full length heavy dress for the wedding in southern cali so that was kinda poor planning by the bride if you ask me…but it does have plenty of room for me to a hide a flask so i guess it does have it’s advantages!
Hope that you are all doing well and I miss you all tons! I will post after I get back to Chi-town to let you know how the weddings went!

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hot summer in the city! :)

hey ladies,

sorry i have written in a while. been busy finishing up classes and then took a trip out to los angeles to visit my family. now i am working at a bunch of different places and just hanging around. arash and i broke up and now we are trying to be “friends”. he got an amazing job offer in los angeles in june 2007, so given that he will definately be moving back next year, there is no point being in a relationship that has a dead end. i have done lots of soul searching and not sure if i could ever move to los angeles and raise a family there. who knows things may change, but this is best for now.

my friend pia (which some of you met) has a quarter time share in fire island (beautiful beach near long island). i was out there this past weekend and it was gorgeous!! she is going to be there the weekend shira is planning on coming to new york, so i thought we could maybe meet jen in long island and then take the ferry boat over. nothing like a beach day with the gals!! what do you ladies think?

congrats to nicole and caitlin for setting a wedding date!!


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Bad trip…

So my trip to Germany ended up kind of sucking. I had gone as a patient escort. Usually we go with the patient, get them into the hospital, and then you have a few days to yourself in Germany. My patient they decided not to admit, and I had to stay in the barracks with her. This meant I couldn’t leave her side. I was only in Germany for two days, and I didn’t get one sip of beer, didn’t eat in any restaurants, didn’t even get to buy a souvenier! I never left the military base 🙁 But on the plus side, it was so green! Trees, grass…I will never take these things for granted again! And the air was so fresh…it wasn’t so hot you could barely breath, and full of sand! So that was good. I figure this just gives me an excuse to go back someday, because now that I got a taste, I really want to see more!

I hope all is well with my lovely ladies…I miss you!

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Well, it’s been a month since my whirlwind weekend, and it has definatly slowed down. Actually, I’m bored out of my mind. I have applied to a bunch of schools, but they won’t start interviews and such until july or august. I’ve also been looking for a part-time summer job (because I haven’t been paid since January and my bank account is really starting to reflect that). No luck so far, the bank I used to work for knows I left to get my degree, so they don’t want to hire me back if I’m planning on leaving as soon as I’m offered a teaching job. I can’t blame them, but it sure sucks. I tried applying to Barnes & Noble, even mentioned our darling Jen, but they aren’t hiring. EMS would take me back, but they have NO hours available, so why bother? and the gym is just not a possibility for me. I’m planning on looking for summer tutoring around here and getting on the sub lists for the fall, but if any of you have any suggestions, I would REALLY appreciate the advice.

oh yeah, and mark your calendars ladies, Josh and I have a date for the wedding! June 29th, 2007. Woo Hoo! So a little over a month after Caitlin and Sam’s. I hope it doesn’t interfere with anyone’s schedules, I had to wait for school to be over!

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Guess who’s a world traveler?

Hey guys! So guess where I am…in Germany! I can’t talk about details now, but you will all hear about my trip soon! It is absolutely beautiful…so green! I think it would be amazing anyway, but to see all this green after being in the desert for three months…let’s just say I will never take trees and grass for granted again!
That’s all my news for now…I hope you ladies are all doing well, and I miss you!

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