Summer Fun in the City

Hi Ladies. What do you think about meeting in NYC instead of at my place this summer? I was thinking that it makes a lot more sense, since three of our group already live in that area and I’ll be flying through there on my way in from Italy. That way, the fewest people possible have to spend on travelling. I think it makes more sense.

Anyways, it would be August 11, 12, 13–that weekend that I’d be in the City. I’m planning on staying with or near my sister in Newark and taking the train into the city. Maybe we can all crash somewhere together one night in New York?

What do you think? Does that seem like a possibility??

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Birthdays–When’s Yours??

It’s tough following up with a new entry after entries like Nicole’s last one. How do you beat “I got my masters degree and got engaged”?

Yeah. Good luck with that one!

Caitlin L. had a good idea a couple of months ago that I’ve been meaning to follow up on. We need to put a list of our birthdays on here so that we know when to celebrate! I don’t have have this aforementioned list, so why don’t we all just post a little note with our birthdays in it? Ding!

My Birthday is January 9, 1981.

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This weekend has been full of upgrades! I went from a bachelors degree to a master’s, and from dating to being engaged! It has been a lot of fun, but it’s tiring being the center of attention!
Josh proposed on Friday night when he got home from work. I was about to do the last of the dishes before the moms arrived when there was a knock on the door. When I opened it up, he was kneeling in the hallway with my BEAUTIFUL ring! He was also singing a song that he had made up on the way over (to the tune of “On top of Spaghetti”). It was all incredibly sweet. Then the moms and gradparents arrived and it was a party for 24 hours straight! The funny thing was, we got chinese food on Friday night, and Josh’s and my fortunes were freakishly on target. His said, “You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.” and mine said, “You are offered the dream of a lifetime. Say yes!” Can you believe that?!?!
So here I am, enjoying my dream. I’m so excited! Looks like we are going to have two weddings to look forward to next year! We’re thinking summer ’07, but that’s as close as we can pin it right now. We have to check availability at places.
I was going to attempt to post a picture of the ring, but I’m going to need a little help figuring that out. Graduation was great too, by the way. It only lasted an hour and a half, the speakers all kept it short and sweet, none of them had annoying voices, they pronounced my name right, AND I didn’t fall! What more could you ask for? Hope all is well with my lovely ladies!!

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Hi everyone!!!! I would just like to start off by mentioning how very much I miss you all!!! My sister may be out from California around the 19th of August but I hope that I can ditch her and get to see you all. She’s doing well out there, by the way. She may be an imagineer for disney soon and if she gets the job she gets all kinds of disney perks that I will certainly share with all you girls. I am still at Barnes and Noble…doing well though. I’m hoping that I get the next assistant manager position that opens up. It’s looking pretty good. What else, what else? There’s a guy. Some of you may have met him actually. It’s my sister’s best friend from high school, Rob, that went to Binghamton. I’ve been up to visit him a couple times so not only did i get to see the campus, but he lives in hayes…so I got to see that as well. Campus is pretty much the same, save a few finished buildings. Hayes is exactly the same. Anyway, he’s coming home for good tomorrow, so i’m excited. We’re kind of just staying relaxed about the whole thing and seeing where it goes. So far so good though :). Oh…this is just a quick little funny story. Bill O’reilly (of O’reilly Factor fame) comes into my store every once in a while. After one visit, awhile ago, he trashed our store on his show because we did not have his year old–crappy selling–book prominently displayed. Well…another book just came out that we very prominently display. The title? “Sweet Jesus I Hate Bill O’reilly”. They have a website too that’s pretty funny “”. Anyway, we booksellers love it. Well, I think that’s all I have! Oh, let me see if I can add a picture of the trip Rob and I took to Bushkill falls in Stroudsberg PA. It was absolutely lovely. Please don’t mind the lousy editing job.
Take care everyone!!! I miss you!

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I May Be Crazy, But Atleast I don’t have a Baby!!

Well hello there girls!
So the title to this was my attempt to cleverly let you all know that I finished my OB/GYN rotation and have now started psych. I must say that out of all my rotations OB/GYN was my least favorite. I find nothing to be more disturbing then watching childbirth. I now know for certain that I will be having a surrogate so that my body never goes thru that 🙂
Psych is my LAST rotation of third year!! I am so ready for this year to be over with! I am doing psych at a NAVY VA hospital so it is making me miss Dawn. Not because she reminds of me of the psych patients but just cuz they are all Navy people (and she is a little crazy 🙂
Sam finally has found a new job!!! For all of you who may not have known he began to hate his current job cuz he was working around 14-16 hours per day. So he has a new job creating mutual funds (whatever that means). So hopefully he will start that soon so that he can start cooking me dinners and givin me some sweet sweet lovin.
No new wedding plans yet…we have come up with a prelim guest list and don’t worry you are all invitied 🙂 Trying to pick the island is tough. Any suggestions!?!?!?

hope you are all well and I miss you tons!!!

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Camel spiders

So I would like to introduce everyone to a disgusting little creature called a camel spider. They are acutally scorpions, but look just like spiders. They are generally just a little bigger than tarantulas, but can get as big as saucers. They run very fast, and can also jump. The worst part is, they try to hide in shadows, so sometimes they will hide in YOUR shadow…making it seem like they are chasing you if you try to get away. My question is…why is it always the cool and/or cute animals that are extinct? Why can camel spiders not be extinct? I ask only because we had one in the hospital tent. This is not good because we actually have to do something about it when this happens. Like catch it. One of the down sides of the desert, just so you guys can be prepared if you do come out to visit. 🙂 Other than nasty little creatures, all is well here…I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it to the Rock 🙁 Hope everyone is good, miss you all!

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Ikea Wine Glasses

I bought some of those cheap red wine glasses from Ikea the last time we went. But every time I drink out of them I’m reminded of our Senior year at BU when we drank exclusively from the same glasses in our apartment.

What are you all doing the weekend of August 19th? Do you want to come to Upstate NY and have a reunion at the Rock?? (I didn’t actually ask my parents yet, but I think it’ll be okay…worst case scenario we can sleep on the boat or camp out in the backyard!!)

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