Girls and Microwaves

Anyone want to come over? I made chocolate chip cookies in my microwave/toaster oven!! We have lots of wine!! I promise I won’t even make you watch TV in Italian!

Along the same line of the last entry I made (I figure it’s useless writing them all in secret code because Caitlin’s going to read them anyways, and maybe it doesn’t really need to be a big surprise)…What about a wine tour of the Langhe for a bachelorette party? Here in Italy the tradition is that the girls all take a trip together before the wedding (whether they’re participating or just attending). So, I say, you all come visit me, we take my car and rent a convertible if necessary and travel the hills of Northern Italy. I know lots of good places to do wine tastings and remember that spa I told you about? Wine therapy in a five star hotel. HELLOW!! If you come for a week (which is like THE BARE MINIMUM) we could even take three days and go to Venice or Portofino or the Blue Coast of France. I know how to travel cheaply here, it’d just be the plane tickets that would be a little expensive, but SO WORTH IT!!

Or should we rendevouz in Paris for a week? I don’t understand or speak a single word of that language, but I think a bunch of you took it during school, didn’t you? Or perhaps even better, we could rent a country house in Provence and spend a week in the vineyards eating fresh goat cheese and drinking Bordeaux. Picture it: rolling country hills, hot summer days, private cobblestone pool, fields of lavendar and wild flowers…

There’s always Vegas, which is definitely fun and a great place to eat and drink and dance. I’m kind of burned out on Vegas though. It’d be easy to put together a fun weekend there though (with all my industry connections, MWUA HAHAHA). lol.

Or we could go to Kuwait and visit Dawn! I really have no idea what that would be like, so you’ll have to use your own imaginations.

I got a letter from my Aunty Joan the other day and she made a comment about how, when you have a boyfriend or are married your girlfriends all seem to disappear. Maybe they think you’re always busy or would rather spend time with your guy than your girls. Sure, it’s nice to spend time with the loved one, but I MISS MY GIRLS!

Anyways, you should all come over for fresh cookies, ice cream, wine and gossip tonight. Feel free to wear your PJs as usual! I’ll be waiting…

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