buried under a pile of articles….

hey everyone,

havent forgotten about my ladies. just buried under a pile of articles i’ve been reading for school. started classes in early september and i dont think i have read this much in my whole life!! after years and years of school i will finally have my PHD in Developmental Psychology, so i guess it will all be worth it one day! everything else is going pretty good. attempting to keep myself sane with non-school stuff. (the key word is ATTEMPTING). its very hard getting use to school work when i just had a year off with a continous paycheck. still living wit my parents, which isnt too bad. school is a few blocks away from where i live, so it just wouldnt make sense to move out. nope….no sign of any men yet. there are 7 other girls in my program. there is one cute second year guy, but i am pretty sure he is gay. my professors are all old jewish men. (i might ask them soon if they have any sons, nephews etc).

but yea….thats about it. doing the school thing forever and ever and ever!

SHIRA – i been randomly looking around for cheap tickets somewhere, and i wanted to know where exactly are you in italy? whats the closest main city? whats the best time of year to come visit? (thats if you are interested in picking up a stray jew!!) 🙂


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back to life, back to reality

Josh and I went to Myrtle Beach from wednesday to saturday, and we had a really great time. my grandmother had gotten this weird “gift certificate” online that allowed her to buy all sorts of stuff off this particular website. it had automatic peelers, care bear movies, romance novels, etc. but it also had a 2-night, 3-day hotel stay in a coupld locations, and that’s what I asked for. it of course had a million loop-holes and things that could go wrong, and I ended up having to pay for an upgrade to NOT lose my reservation, but josh and I got down to south carolina, had a place right on the beach, and were able to walk to a bunch of places for food, (ncluding a GREAT little italian place which advertised the best steak in the universe, and josh contends it was the best in his universe) stay on the beach, and took a limo-cab to a place called “Broadway on the Beach” for our last night of dinner at the Hardrock Cafe and club hopping with drinking, dancing, arcade racing games, and a little karaoke on his part. =)
We had a great trip and now I have to get back to school. it started the day after labor day. I’m taking my last education class for my degree, elementary spanish because I think it would be useful, and I have a paper to write and defend. no more fun for me this semester!! provided I passed the last scary teacher-test that I took last saturday, I will be student teaching next semester, and graduating in May. it’s a little hard for me to believe.
things at the gym are going well. I’m the assistant manager, and I should be getting back from my little vacation just in time for the monthly billing craziness, where we get back the list of all the people whose payments didn’t go through, and then try and convince them to pay… and apologize for it not being my fault.
that’s about it. once again I apologize for my lengthy entry, but as you all know, I have an inherent need to babble. I miss you all a bunch and hope things are going well in your worlds!!

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I’ll take the fence with me

Hello Ladies!
So I see we all took a little summer break from the website. My excuse is my Surgery Rotation. It was 2 months of waking up at 445 a.m. and spending 30 hours straight without sleep at the hospital! Can we say fun?!?! I enjoyed what I was doing and learned a lot, but the hours kinda get old quick. So I was working in a Trauma center hospital that serves basically the poorest of the poor. This means I saw some really interesting people. The most interesting trauma case I saw was this young guy (like 25 years old). He just got out of jail the night before and decided he wanted to visit his sister. So he went to her apt. but she didn’t answer her door. So he decided that he would just climb into her window. She lived on the second floor of the building so he climbed up the outside of the building. Well he somehow slipped, and fell onto the wrought iron fence in their yard! So the paremedics found him with the fence through his armpit! It took them an hour to cut a part of the fence off so they could bring him into us. So at 6 am he shows up, with a huge part of the fence just sticking out of him! He was awake and talking but it was crazy! (they don’t pull out the fence at the scene cuz the patient could bleed to death if the fence goes thru a blood vessel.) But there was a happy ending. They took it out in the OR and he was absolutely fine!
Now I am doing family practice for a month so my hours are much better. So far I just have been doing school physicals and talking to ladies about various discharges..not very exciting.
Other then work things are going well. I go out as much as I can and just love living downtown! My mom is becoming a little more open minded about the idea of a non-catholic wedding..but I am still really confused about what I want to do. What do you guys think of meeting up on some nice island and just having a party in during which I happen to get married? Or does anyone just want to plan a wedding for me? cuz i just get a headache thinking about it.
Well this is getting long…so I will stop..but I Hope you all write something soon..I miss you all tons!

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