Hey ladies! Doesn’t anyone post anymore?! So I’ve decided to rant a little, if you ladies don’t mind. My new boss is absolutely heinous! Picture a simpering, blond waif who is all ambition but does not have an iota of personality in her bony little body. That is what I’m dealing with! Thus, I have decided to find a new job. I have also decided to start saving for a Kaplan course. I hope I can manage both by the end of the summer. Cross your fingers! Aside from that, I finally bought new glasses and rearranged my room. I spend my weekends watching marathon Sex and the City episodes, inducting my roommate into this venerable hobby. So, aside from going to Boston, things have been dull. Went to my first major league baseball game – Red Sox! I loved it – that is what we should do for a reunion – beer, dogs, and men in tight pants! Don’t worry, I took a picture of a hottie, standing with his rear to me on base – just say the word and I’ll share for your viewing pleasure! Anyways, now that you are snoring, I’ve also starting to try writing a steamy romance novel. Working on the plot, but the sex parts are coming (har) along nicely. I certainly miss the Binghamton ladies a great bunch!

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Hi Ladies!! I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer!!! I’m redesigning our site with a new and exciting look!! Stay tuned this week!

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