what have i become?!?!?

something strange happened this weekend that i had to share with everyone. its really scary, so please make sure that you are sitting down when you are reading this. okay…….well, i went to boston to visit some old friends and we went out saturday night and guess what? I….DIDN’T……..DRINK!!! not one ounce of alcohol. now some of you might be thinking, “naaaahhh thats not possible”. but it is, i swear!!! and it was the most interesting experience i have ever had. did you know that women purposely wear absolutely nothing out, grind themselves against a poor innocent male, and then end up kissing!! why would people kiss someone they dont know?!?! whats that about?!?! well nonetheless it was an interesting experience.

on another note………congratulations to miss caitlin kelly for about to get engaged. we want pictures of the bling bling!! 🙂 good luck on your boards!!


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Turks and Caicos

So I bet you are wondering what/where Turks and Caicos is. The answer to that is that it is a samll Carribean island about an hour by plane off of Miami. And that is where me and Sam will be going after I take boards (June 8th -17th)…and perhaps, just perhaps he will be giving me something kind of sparkly..:) Sam has done quite a bit of research on finding us the perfect island for this occasion and from what he has told me it sounds pretty amazing. All we wanted was some secluded beaches with white sand and clear water for snorkling. And that is about all Turks and Caicos has. So I guess I will be just forced to relax on the beach all day and eat like a pig and drink fancy drinks out of coconuts 🙂 Needless to say I am more then a little excited and am really starting to wonder about how Sam might pop the question. He has said that he designed the ring himself. I am so excited!!
So in other news: I finally finished 2nd year!! I would be a little more excited if I still wasn’t actually just studying every day for stupid boards. But I did go to U2 while they were in Chicago and it was amazing!! I found out that I get off July 4th so I feel you all should come and visit Chi-town and see the new ring! miss you all tons!

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Not too too much to report around here. My roommate moved out a few weeks ago and you’ll never guess who her replacement is – none other than Craig! Yes, Craig from Binghamton, Jen’s friend from high school is my roomie! Everything’s getting along fine in that department – old roomie got me free shoes, Craig can get me free books, score! So the latest plan (inspired by the world travelers I know) is to learn Spanish in the next months and move to a Spanish-speaking country for a year. After I’ve broken a few hearts, come back and go to business school for entrepreneurship. Hope it all goes according to plan… Other than that, life has been pretty dull – by dull I mean no Oprah encounters or motorcycle rides! Shira, I’m so sorry we couldn’t get together when I was in Spain, and I’m sorry I missed you – but don’t worry, I hope to be back soon. I MUST go to this spa and meet your (no doubt) HOT circle of Italian male friends. I miss you ladies so much!

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the 1st jewish nun!!

hey ladies,

this weekend marks the 2 year anniversary of us graduating!! (can we say holy s***?!) i am sooooooo proud of each and everyone of us! what i am not proud of is my non-existent love life. i have been doing some research online and can you believe there are NO JEWISH NUNS?!?! so i was thinking….(and please feel free to provide any input) that maybe i should forget this Phd thing and apply to a convenant. since i am not meeting any hotties, i might as well provide help to the needy and less fortunate!!

so yea……please feel free to provide your opinons on my plan. also, given that i dont really know much about catholicism, i would appreciate some helpful facts which would help make my applications look better.


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Amici (guy friends)

Ciao, Amice (girlfriends)! Well, things are getting interesting here in Piemonte…not that they weren’t before, but let’s just say things on the social scene have escalated quite a bit of late. I’ve been to a couple of discotece (nightclubs) with Cristiana and Luciano (the chicken farmers I talk about all the time), another couple who are friends of theirs, and this group of guys who are about our age…well 28ish. I can’t wait till you come visit, b/c we seriously are going to be professional level dancers here. I don’t know how to explain it without making broad generalizations, but you’ll see (when you come) that our style of dancing is in an entirely different league!

So, I’m developing a group of guy friends that are a hell of a lot closer to my age than anyone else I’ve met thus far, so that’s very exciting–as you can imagine. And, Carmela, the woman who runs the circolo and who I’ve been volunteering my Sundays to as a waitress/pastry chef, bought me a cell phone yesterday. So, between the friends and the phone I feel a little more human now.

In other news, I rode a motorcycle for the first time on Sunday and had my first date with a full-blooded Italian! Whoa, Nelly. And that’s both at the same time. So, the date. His name is Luca, he’s an electrician, about the same height as me with dark hair, tan from working outside a lot (that part kind of sucks–lol—joking!!), and (surprise, surprise!) he’s older than me, though I’m not exactly sure exactly how old b/c I didn’t understand every word of that conversation, and his birthday was May 6th, so he may have just turned 31 or 32, but I’m not really sure.

He’s been working on the castello with his dad, who is the master electrician for the castle (family trade). That’s how we met. Then one day we were talking about the weather (one of the few topics my limited vocabulary allows me to converse about), and he mentioned he had gone for a giro on his moto the day before. (In Italian, when you go for a drive, or go somewhere to do something they say literally that “you make a turn” or fai un giro). I mentioned that I had never ridden a motorcycle before and he was astounded! Baffled! Just could not believe it, so he invited me to go for a ride (on his custom, silvery-green Harley Davidson).

Now, I’m not sure how many of you have ridden motorcycles before, but having never ridden one myself, you can imagine I was a little anxious. Especially considering the fact that traffic laws in Italy seem to be optional and speed limits don’t really pertain. Then Denise gave me some pointers on how not to fall off. I’ll share these with you now in case you have an opportunity to ride sometime in the near future:

1. Scoot up as close to the driver as possible and hang on.
2. Use your legs to hang on too–riding on the back of a moto doubles as your inner thigh workout for the day–ding!
3. Perhaps the most important rule is to relax and try to be one with the bike’s motor.
4. Lean INTO the turns, not away from them. It’s difficult for the driver to steer with the added weight on the back, but you can help by leaning and copying the driver’s movements.
5. Put vaseline on your lips before you go, drink a glass of water, and wear goggles or glasses underneath your helmet. P.S. Make sure your helmet is on tight. (Be prepared to swallow at least 5 bugs). Buon Divertamento!

Anyways, the ride was incredibly fun!! And hardly scary at all! Luca made a point of driving carefully and not passing too many people. He showed me a beautiful park on the top of a hillside and took me out for gelato.

We’re going out again on Friday–this time to Saluzzo for dinner. I’m not sure if we’re taking the moto or not…

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Italian Spa Destination

Ladies!! I discovered the most wonderful spa the other day!!! You all have to come visit at the same time so we can have a spa day together. It’s not even that expensive and is at a five star hotel in the middle of Italian wine country. Hellow!! More pics and details soon…

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