You’ll Never Believe this!

So guess who got to meet Oprah?! Not only meet her, but eat lunch with her while discussing her new “book of the month”!?! She is much prettier in person and her diamonds on her ears and fingers are amazing! We really hit it off and I got some tickets to go see the show whenever i have the chance. And the book wasn’t that bad either!
What else have I been up to..hmm…oh I was shopping downtown and decided i would give a bum some extra change. So i plopped a few coins in his cup and instead of just saying thank-you, he stood up and said “i am not actually a bum, but a Ph.D student running an experiment. You just participated in it so here is $100 for being so nice”. So then i went and bought some more clothes!

So did you believe any of that? well if you didn’t believe that then perhaps what i have really been up to is nothing very exciting execept studying (last day of class tomorrow, then two weeks of finals!)…me and sam did get an apartment downtown. Its on the 12th floor, we have a doorman and a gym, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops! so you will all have to come and see it! Maybe if you come I’ll invite Oprah over so you can meet her! I found out that i start sugery on July 4th! UGH!!! so that will be all of july and august…i have to be there by 5 am!! I can’t imagine me in surgery!!

I hope you are all doing well. Please post about your trips and new jobs and all the exciting things you ladies are up to! I miss you tons!

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Ready for Summer

The last day of the semester is May 3rd. The last day of the semester is May 3rd. That has become my mantra lately. I think of all you brilliant ladies, and I am so impressed (careers, med school, doctorate degrees, good heavens). I am still suffering from my undergrad tendancies to procrastinate beyond all reason, and I now have three research papers and a book critique due in a week! (to make matters worse for myself, I wanted to hand the research in early so that the prof. could get it back to me for corrections; I don’t know how that is going to work out.) in fact, I am supposed to be writing, or at least reading the articles right now, but I have become paralyzed by my fear, just sit there staring because there is so much I can’t find a place to begin, and end up doing something completely unrelated! The last day of the semester is May 3rd…

On a non-school related note, Josh has asked me to move in with him! I’m excited and nervous and to be honest, not sure how to make it all work out. My roommate jenny and I are not nearly as close as it seemed when we moved in together, so I’m not really concerned about the loss of friendship there, but I do feel obligated to her a little since we only moved in October and I kind of convinced her that she should moved out of her parents house and in with me. But after much discussion with my sister, josh, and friends at the bank, I think I have a plan. Jenny is planning on an internship this summer, and one not in the area. Although she always seems to have money (soo frustrating) I can’t imagine her wanting to pay two rents. In addition, with her gone, I would have to cover all the utilities and cable (seeing as she wouldn’t be using them or even know what half would be) and quite frankly, I can’t do that. SO, the plan is to sit down with her and discuss this all, hopefully coming to the conclusion that I am moving out and she is welcome to take over the lease here (it’s month to month in my name) or move out too. I’m just really nervous to talk to her about it. it will probably work out fine, but there’s a chance it won’t, and that’s what makes me nervous. plus, we practically never see each other, so I don’t know when to even have the conversation. aahh!!

so, I feel like everything will be resolved and I will only have ONE class and two jobs to be juggling this summer, and I can’t wait. it’s a bit of a bummer since spring is my favorite season, but this year, it is entirely too stressful. hope all is well with you guys, I’m guessing everyone is busy, but I can’t wait for updates!!

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