Not Much New

Hello Ladies!
I was reading all your entries and thought that if Shira managed to post something that I should too! I don’t have anything much exciting to report. Me and Sam have started looking for a new apartment in the city for June. So that is very exciting! For those of you who might not have realized, I have been living in a really boring suburb of Chicago that is like an hour away from downtown. So I can’t wait to move downtown!!! I am excited that me and sam are going to sign a lease together and all that. I mean he has been living here all year but it’s still exciting to find a place together and furnish it and all that (esp cuz he is making money so maybe we can get non-salvation army furniture!)…just think…after over 6.5 years i might be living officially with my fiance!
Not much else going on …i did have to go to an autopsy yesterday (it was required for a class)…and that was the grossest most disturbing thing i have ever had to watch! and that is saying something after my anatomy class and doing butt exams! Oh the life of a med student! Ugh!
I miss you all tons!

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I heart España

Hello everyone!! So I’m off to Spain on Friday for 10 days! I’m going to visit Luis, drink sangria and eat lots of tapas!! I need to get out of New York and away from the job for at least a little bit. Has anyone heard from Shira? I was hoping to visit her little piece of Italian paradise for a night…. Even an address? Let me know!! Oh and news – Craig is moving in with me!! Erin is moving back to Buffalo (why, oh please why) to start a store. She’s taking the leather couches her boss gave her as well . I am going to be bitter about it even if I would do the same thing, cause, dammit! Thems is nice couches. So anyways Craig and I are going to be the fearsome Brooklyn duo now!
I also would like to know who socrates is and how I can kick his faceless, cowardly ass! You know who you are and you suck. We should seriously look into having to sign in to comment. Oy. Hope you are all doing well my darlings!! Shout outs!!!

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Dr. Frances Victory?!?!

hey ladies,

its been great reading everyones entries. i am sooooooo proud of us! as for myself……….i recently received my acceptance letter to City College Graduate Center’s Phd Program in Developmental Psychology. I could not stop laughing when I first read the email and then there were some tears and then more laughter. The school is basically a few blocks away from where I live. I can take classes at any university in nyc at city collge price. The program is 5-10 years depending on how many credits you take at once. I am still shocked and hoping it will all digest soon. Just as I had gotten used to being a working woman………i am back off to school. things really have a way of happening.

hugs and kisses to everyone!

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Happy Technically Spring

boy, there sure is a lot of snow and cold today for the fifth day of spring. =) I hope everyone is doing well! Things here are busy but good. I love my job at the bank, and I think that I will be dropping off an application to work at my gym instead of Eastern Mountain Sports. They just haven’t been able to give me any hours. I applied to work at Motherwear where my sister works, but they had no hours to give me either. So, the gym is my new idea and I’m hoping it works out.
My birthday was fantastic! I went out to the Olive Garden for dinner with my sister, brother-in-law, and josh. I had my all-time favorite dish (seafood portifino, mmmm, and there is nothing I have to pick out!) and we laughed, were very silly, and just had a ball. We went pretty late so that all of us were done with work, so Josh and I went to the movies the next night, which was fun too. My big present from him though was we went to Vermont on St. Patrick’s day and I went snowboarding!! It was a blast! I think I’m hooked, although I was wicked sore the next day from spending so much time on my butt. =)
Josh’s birthday is Saturday, and then my sister’s in-laws invited me to come to Easter dinner with them so I won’t be lonely. Next weekend I’m heading back to new york to celebrate my little brother’s twenty-first birhday (I can’t believe it!!) and show josh the Adirondacks, which I’m really looking forward too.
Caitlin, good luck with the studying! Jen, congrats on the new job! Shira, hope things are fabulous in Europe! Frances, hope things are still rockin’ in NYC, you too Caitlin L! Dawn-the-girl, where are you?!?! I miss you all tons, we NEED to have a reunion soon (I know we always say it, but I’m serious, I haven’t seen you since graduation)! love you all bunches and bunches, I think of you constantly!

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moving on up

HEY EVERYONE!!! I haven’t read anyone’s entry’s yet so excuse me for not responding to anything i should. I just wanted to update everyone quick. I have really exciting work news. I got another promotion. I’m now going to be working in Manhasset as a department manager. So i’m switching stores and i will have a much longer ride to work, but it’s worth it. The district manager specifically asked if i wanted to interview for this job and the manager of the store hired me on the spot…and it’s the store that the district manager’s office is in so i’m on an ego trip right now :). Oh, and i’ll probably see famouse people. It’s a really REALLY rich town on long island and LL Cool Jay lives right down the street. Apparently he comes into the store a lot, goes to the poetry section, starts reading a book, and then looks around to see who’s watching him. I think a lot of other famous people live around there too. The down side is, snoody customers, but that’s ok. I can take it. It’s a really good opportunity because of the location too. So yay. Anyway, you can tell i’m really excited about it. Besides that there’s really nothing else going on. I”m going to go read everyone’s entry’snow. I’ll talk to you all soon!!!

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Brownies and Brides

I think every bride should have brownies on her wedding day.

I mean, if she wants them of course.

Not necessarily for dessert after the ceremony, but at some point during her wedding day I think it would be nice for a bride to have a brownie. Don’t you?

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A fish with lipstick?

I was wondering Shira, did that fish come with such rosey lips or did you have to add that yourself? Either way that fish sure is sexy!
I am glad to hear Shira’s packing is going so well…I hope you are saving room for me in a suitcase!
Things here in Chi-town are alright…school is becoming pretty much all consuming…it’s less then 3 months till I take my boards (the first of 3 national exams i take that says i am really qualified to be a doctor)..I take it on June 7th…but that date might change if I decide i don’t want to study that long…so between now and then I won’t be up to much fun except trying to keep up with the rest of this year and studying for that…BLAH!!! this means that I will desperately need stories from you girls who have exciting lives! (at least more exciting then a med student). so PLEASE POST STORIES OFTEN!

I do have one exciting thing happening in may..i am going to see U2!! they are also going to be on tour in the fall..there will be shows in NYC..i suggest you ladies look into tickets (go on sale this week)

Does anyone know what in the world Dawn is up to? I am beginning to think my idea of her going to Guam wasn’t that far off ! Did you girls get together for Jen’s bday? Do you have any plans for your bday nicole? Have you heard from any schools yet francis? Hope you are all doing well…and having more fun then me! miss you all tons!

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Women Unite

Today is International Women’s Day.

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H Two Oooh

Cleaning out twenty years of junk is so much fun. That’s what I’ve been doing in my spare time lately. I’ve lived in three bedrooms in this house during my life, and still have stuff in every single one! Hellow! I finally worked my through two of them and consolidated all that paraphernalia into my current bedroom. The goal is to fit it all in one big tupperware box. (And a couple of bookshelves– I have so many books!)

You wouldn’t believe the memoribilia I’ve saved. Yesterday I found a note from my eighth grade social studies teacher thanking me for a pair of earings I gave her for Christmas! Whyyyy??!? Why did I save that?!?! (And why did I give my teacher a pair of earrings for Christmas…?)

So our new motifa was inspired by the purging-of-junk that I’ve been overwhelmed by of late. Water, change, movement, tides, nature constantly recycling and renewing itself…

And also of those fishbowl drinks we used to get at the sports bar in Bingo. You know those blue drinks they serve in fishbowls and you stick six straws in to share with your friends? I know we only partook of those tasty libations a few times, but, symbolically college was like a giant fishbowl…that we filled with blue alcohol, stuck straws in, and drank out of together…

Sort of.

Anyways, I’m not sure how much internet access I’ll have in Italia (leaving March 15) so this is a perfect opportunity for some of you out there to bone up on and utilize your HTML skills. We want to keep R.A.T.W. fresh! (like the water in our fishbowl)!!

Can you all email me your current addresses (snail mail) so I can send you stuff? Hot.

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