little update :)

so, just to update you guys from my last entry…tom and i ended up getting back together. So far things are going much much better than they were and we’re very happy :). I hope you’re all doing well!!! I MISS YOU

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A story of some Firsts!

Hello ladies!!!
I apologize cuz I think this may be a long one, but so much has happened since I last wrote! The big thing is that my sister got married this last saturday!! It was a really wonderful ceremony. My sister cried so she made everyone else cry too. I was the maid of honor and gave a speech and everything. Luckily, I had more then a few drinks in me so the speech really went well! The reception was outside at Letchworth State Park (for those of you not from western new york, it’s a really pretty park with a waterfall and everything) It was a gorgeous day, really sunny but a little chilly. I enjoyed meeting her husband’s family cuz they are all from Ireland…and that accent is just so cute. Sam accused me of flirting with the groom’s cousin who was one of the groom’s men..he was 18 and really tall with blue eyes and knew like 5 languages….but we’ll say I wasn’t flirting so much as just appreciating a foregin accent and culture :)……I got completely drunk at the reception and can’t really remember half of it….i do remember sam having to take care of me and then somehow ending up in my bed at home …not exactly sure how i got there…but oh well….it was a blast!!

my other “firsts” include the fact that i have now completed both my full female and full male physical exams!!! let me tell you, these were soooo weird!! They pay people to come and teach you while you exam them. It’s kinda like a part time job for the people…but i don’t know how badly i would need money before i would let 4 people who have never done a pap exam do it on me!! and the guy one was really wierd…cuz you have to…umm…well….put your finger where the sun don’t shine! it’s soooo gross!!! So i beg of you all, please don’t be afraid to shake my hand when i see you (in vegas i hope!)…i promise i have washed my hands throughly 🙂

so those of you thinking about vegas….a reminder of the time frame would be some time period between Oct 29th and Nov 7th…i’ll try to let you all know asap what the exact dates will be…but everyone should seriously consider it!! a reunion is long overdue!

other than that things are alright here in Chicago…school is unbelievable busy and hard…but i am doing ok..Sam is living in my place…i don’t see him too much cuz he leaves between 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning and doesn’t get back till like 8…but at least we finally see each other every day!
i miss you all tons!! Think about VEGAS BABY!!!

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hey strangers

HI EVERYBODY!!! I”m sorry i haven’t written in so long. Well, i did write but i kept deleting it on accident and then i got fed up. So, let’s see, what can i say. I went to california to see my sister and dawn. I had a fabulous time…it was amazing. I met dawn’s boyfriend tyler who is such a cutie. I was very impressed (good job dawn!). She also has a very cute apartment with a porch! Her, tyler, my sister, samantha (who came with me), and I all went to disney land, and although it’s not nearly as big as disney world it was so much fun. I miss california and dawn and theresa :(. I’m sure you all saw that frances and i hung out the other day. We had a great time. I think we walked every block in new york city :).
In kind of sad news…Tom and I broke up. I’m not going to go into detail really, and frankly i don’t know what’s going to happen with the whole situation, but i’m doing ok for now. I think that’s all…i know, i have’nt written in forever and then i write a tiny thing :). I hope everyone is doing well and i miss you all so much!!! I”ll talk to you soon!!

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Living La Vida Loca :)

Hey Ladies,

I thought everyone should know that our innocent Jen is DEFINATELY not innocent anymore. We went out the other night. First she downs a Smirnoff Ice with dinner, while I had a Snapple. Then we head to a bar for drinks. We order the same melonberry fruity drink, which was pretty well made. She downs the thing like its water, and says she doesnt feel anything. While I am sipping and definatey in the happy place. When the waitress came to see if we wanted anything else, I said I was done and she agreed. But I am PRETTY sure she could have gone for a few more.

Times they are a changing!

I apologize for my obnoxious singing ALL the way to the train station. Love you!

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Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I miss you guys! I feel like I just wrote here, but stuff is actually going on in my life, so I guess it’s ok, I swear I’ll keep it short… I’ve got a second job for a small millworker a couple towns over, I’m not crazy about it and I don’t know how long it will last, but it’s a little extra money at the moment. Jenn and Matt’s wedding is less than a month away, my dress is in so I just need to see if it needs adjusting, and we are all SOO excited about it (the wedding obviously, not the dress)!! I’m looking for a new apartment with my friend Jenny from work, she was talking about furniture the other day, so it looks like it really could happen! The guy I asked to the movies, Josh, said yes right away and we have been dating ever since (6 weeks-ish, and he realized when it was a month). we’re going camping this weekend in vermont (I’m supposed to meet some of his family then too) and he’s going to be my date to my sister’s wedding! he had to go and buy a suit and everything, but he didn’t mind, and he looks really great in it (hee hee). classes start next tuesday, I’m taking three this semester, so I may be bald from all the hair-pulling, but I am still a firm believer that busy is better than bored. I love you all and love to hear what’s going on with everyone. I would LOVE to have a reunion in Vegas, I think we deserve it!! hope everything keeps going well with everyone! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Hurricane Frances

Hey Ladies,

I finally have my own hurricane!! yay! I could not stop laughing when I heard that on the news the other night. I guess I am Level 4 hurricane that is hitting the Carribean area. Whoa, watch out you hunky island men! 🙂 hee-hee! Everything else is going pretty good out here in NYC. Finished work on Friday. No more adorable 4 year olds. 🙁 Let the record show………I DID NOT STEAL ONE!! There were even younger babies in the building and I was on my best behavior!! Now I am just taking some time off and chilling. It feels so nice to worry about a thing! I am currently waiting to hear from the Director of the Children’s Unit at NYS Psychiatric Hospital on the Upper West Side. I would be volunteering to work with adolescents between 12-17 who have been taken out of public school because of different problems such as ADHD, anxiety disorder, or depression etc. They go to school at the hospital and meanwhile see their doctors. Oh boy this is going to be an experience. So I would do that part time and babysit part time. Plus I am thinking about taking a Spanish class… out NYC latin lovers! 🙂 Speaking of men, not much going on. My mother’s friend tried hooking me up with her son’s friend. He’s 29 persian, jewish lawyer. We went out once, nice time, but NO chemistry. Now it seems like my mother’s friend’s goal to match me with someone soon! I feel like a scene out of Fiddler on the Roof. Oy vey! 🙂

Well that’s all for now! XOXOX

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