Headline: Binghamton Grads Turn Las Vegas Upside Down

Oh, Bingo Girls! How I miss you! Caitlin has suggested a Las Vegas Reunion in late October, and I think it is desperately needed!! This city is corrupting me–I need some support! Or at least some fellow coruptees! Every single club here has poles, btw. And I went (on a date) tonight to this great place that has FABULOUS, delicious drinks!! And homemade infused vodkas!! Hellow! That’s not even the point. I just miss you all so much, and am sure that you could all use a nice, theraputic mini-vaca in the Mojave Desert. You can all stay here, so it will be cheap, and we can split a hotel room in the city one night so we can get Binghamton-worthy intoxicated. Just think about it, eh? We still have two months to plan…

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Back To School

Hello Ladies!!

Well I am already back at school…started classes yesterday…looks like a whole year of 8 a.m. classes…yuck!! And guess who gets to learn how to do a pap smear and how to exam the penis in less then a month?!? That’s right, it’s me!!! That will be such an interesting experience…did I mention that I get to do a rectal exam too!!! I know you are all a little jealous now!! I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes!!!

Thankfully before I got back here I got to see the NYC ladies…and let me tell you, they really know how to show a girl a good time!! I had soooo much fun girls!! Thanks soooo much for showing me a round and taking me out!! And for those of you who didn’t go, make sure you ask Caitlin L. about the finger down her pants!!! And by the way Ms. Crane and Eatough…we were a little offended you didn’t pick up when we called you drunk…now you both have to call all 4 of us back!!

Well i guess that’s about it for me…looks like my next break is Oct 30th thru Nov 6th….anyone up for Vegas?!?
Miss you all tons!!

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