happy exhaustion

haylo to all my ladies,

this thursday nite apart thing is just not working for me!! i put my foot down. if my friendship matters in any way, you are going to all drive, fly or find any means of traveling to get to the find land of boston and join me on our once sacred nite!! 🙂 thats pretty much all the tv i get to catch around here. school, internship, and research has gotten to take up all of my time. basically i have to plan EVERYTHING ahead of time. thank goodness i LOVE my classes. they are 2.5 hr classes, and i dont really look at the clock till the last 15 min. my internship is going great! i havent stolen any of the adorable toddlers, so that alone is a great sign. i get to help with play and circle time (i have got “The Wheels on the Bus” and my ABD’s down pact!!). the caretaker stays with the kids and some actually ask me for suggestions. i also get to assist on in home visits/screenings. one of our kids is even persian jewish, which allows me to help my supervisor with the mother’s language barrier. my research project involves testing the effects of literacy intervention on the expressive/receptive skills of toddlers. i basically spend 4 hrs a week at a community health center, teaching families about literacy and then later testing the effects on their kid!! all this power in MY hand?!?! whoa baby. yup, so there is franny’s life in a nutshell. no time for stinky boys. (been told that i am going to have to stay here ALL summer!!) the 2nd year grad students say it gets a little easier next year – THATS when ill meet prince charming!! 🙂

i am so proud of all of us! anyone hear from dawn? i wonder how she is doing in rhode island?

lots of love and kisses!

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it’s me again!

hi again, i know, i’m mia forever and then two messages at once, its like jess overload. anyway, now that i know what everyone has been up to, i can respond and not ask questions that you would have already answered. Congrats Jen on the new job!!! the hours do sound like they suck. Congrats Laura! i hope your job is going well. Dawn, i hope the navy stuff is going great, i’m sure you’re having fun with all the guys :), ps. say hi to the baby for me :). Frances, yay boston!!! i’ll have to see your apartment, i hope classes are going well. Shira, you didn’t post any great recipes, i’m still waiting ;). i hope california is great and you’re learning a lot. Caitlin K. it sounds like med school is going really well for you, and its great that you’re finally getting to see sam a lot. Caitlin L. i still don’t really know what you’re up to, did you get a job, are you living with luis in rochester, whats up?????? nicole, congrats on the soul searching and deciding to shoot for mass. good luck!!!
As for me, i was offered a manager position of the photography studio that i’ve been working for, on the same day that i went to an interview for a legal assistant position. oy decisions. i hate decisions. after all that time of not having a job, now i have to choose. and i’m having issues choosing, so if any of you have any advice, please send it my way. on the one hand, its managing a store, which would be cool, but the hours suck, and the pay isn’t that great. and the law office job is better hours, cheaper health insurance, a little better pay, but it could be really boring b/c its all computer work. HELP. i’m going for my second interview tomorrow to see if i really got the job or not, then my decision will be made for me. so we’ll see.
happy rosh hashanah anyone who celebrates it (hehe, frances)
oh, and wedding plans, i’ve been at a stand still b/c i needed to find the cunningham tartan that i want to use, and i couldn’t find it anywhere. but finally i found it, i should be getting it in the mail soon, i’m excited , now i can get flowers, and invitations, and this and that, and everything else, yay!!!
ok, adam finished the program he was working on so i have to go. talk to you all soon, love and miss you!!!!!

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hi everyone, i know its taken me a million years to finally check this out, but i hate using the slow connection at home, and i’m at ub with adam, so its fast! yay. I’ll read what everyone wrote and see what everyone has been up to. i miss you guys, i hope everyone is doing great in prospective new places (or old ones 🙂 ). k, i’ll get updated and talk more. — Jess

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Hey ladies…just wanted to remind you all that the new season of friends starts tomorrow..so i expect you all over at my apartment at 7 pm (that’s right 7, its the midwest y’all).I will serve you cheap boxed wine and maybe some cookies or something….I did catch the last episode from last season…joey kissed rachel!!..and ross hooked up with the prof lady joey was seeing…(they kinda swapped girls)…it won’t be the same this season though without my girls!! nothing much happening here in chicago…did hang out in sam’s town last weekend..so i actually went to a frat party for a bit..it was so weird..Northwestern doesn’t have dancing at their frat parties…it was just like a house party basically…and oh gosh…college freshman are so funny…one of them tried to hit on me…he said “so what year are you?”..and i said “oh i am actually in med school.”..and he was all like “no shit!! I am a freshman, maybe you could show me around campus”…and that’s pretty much how the converstaion continued until sam rescued me…but atleast i got some free drinks at the party…i had everclear…oh boy..that does a number on you fast..and you can’t even taste it!!…
guess that’s about it for me…i miss you all bunches and will think of you tomorrow, especially from 7-10 pm (that’s central time yo!)

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HI EVERYONE! I was just looking at the earth with all our names on it and thinking about how it all got started :). I miss you guys so much. I tried to write this a couple days ago and i was going to put the pictures from the cottage up, but while i was doing it i hit a wrong button and deleted everything and got fed up so i didn’t go back to it that day :). But today i will. I’m at tom’s, he’s doing well. Work is going great but, like i keep saying, it’s really long hours. I can’t wait to have my own store now though. I hope i’ll be a good manager. I’m supposed to have three and a half weeks left but they’ll probably pull me out of training earlier. I dno’t know where i’d be going though. So that’s what’s happening on the work front. On the personal life front…i’m working all the time i don’t have much of a chance to have a personal life :). I’ve gone shopping a few times, that’s about it. I was supposed to go out and have a good time saturday night, but my friend never called me :(. Oh well. Anyway, i hope everyone else is doing well. I miss you guys!

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Wedding, Boston and Work…

Hey there laides… here’s what’s been going on in my life…
Wedding: it was AMAZING!!! it was such a beautiful day and i had so much fun. i actually caught the bouquet! I have some pics but don’t know how to put them into this just yet (if anyone can let me know how to do it that would be great) so that was loads of fun… i gave a speech and everything… too bad i had too much wine and can’t remember most of it. hahaha but everyone told that it was very nice so i’m figuring i didn’t screw it up or anything…

Boston: i went up there for a few days to visit my cousins and then stopped by to see frances on my home. her place is beautiful!! and i even got to see a little bit of northeastern university during my short visit. and her apt-mate could really be caitlin k’s cousin!

Work: i started my job last monday and just go finished with all the hospital orientation stuff. i start the NICU classes tomorrow. so, listen to this… i’m not even there a week and i already have a workman’s comp case! so yeah, following somewhat in frances’ footsteps, i fell down a small flight of stairs… the stairs were wet b/c the hurricane had just gone through and when i stepped i went flying… no so much fun… i landed on my back and they had to take me the ER and get me checked out. i didn’t break anything but i’ve got a huge bruise accross my lowerback that hurts like crazy! what a mess i am… jeez…

it’s nice to be working finally… i get my fist paycheck thursday! woohoo! although i HATE the commute. i leave at 6am to get there by 8am… i hate traffic and car accidents all over the place. i can’t wait until i get switched to nights b/c i know i can shave at least 20 minutes off my trip. which may not sound like much but trust me it really is!

okie doke… that’s all the update i’ve got for you all right now… i hope everyone is doing well!!! miss u all!

laura 🙂

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boys STILL suck

nope havent heard from the hook up boy. i ended up calling his cell phone tuesday nite, but his voicemail isnt activated. i did run into his friend who is dating my roommate and he asked me if i had heard from brandon. when i said “no”, he’s like “thats strange, he hasnt answered my calls either”. so, at least i know he’s not just avoiding me. i will definately keep everyone updated.

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This week was our first week in the kitchen! Woo hoo!! School is so freaking awesome. Our uniforms are mad comfy–although it took a bit of trial and error (And three in-class demonstrations) for me to figure out how to tie our neckerchief…But everything is going great and I’m going to do my best to send out goodies to y’all this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled on those mailboxes!

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same old same old

there’s really not a whole heck of a lot going on in my world. I am searching for something new to do still, and I am moving in little tiny baby steps. I just can’t seem to make a decision (surprise surprise). my newest thought (as in earlier today) is that maybe I will look into substitute teaching. That’s something I’m pretty sure I can do now. actually, I’m off to look at that stuff on the web after this. and my mom had the idea of being a reading teacher, which in the baby stages of thought sounds pretty good. so I’m going to look into that too. and I just found out mom and bob have connections to the contiunuing ed. and grad student head person at Bridgewater State (in MA). wahoo wahoo.
There was a party at 9 Crandall Street on saturday (you guys remember where that is? “just a couple blocks” from my old place, hee hee) and I actually had a good time. TOny lives there now, so I had even more connection to the house, and Steve was in another section for the mass majority of the time (I think the second part had a lot to do with my enjoyment). I hadn’t gone to a party or gone out in so long, it was time. I miss going out with you guys, there’s no one to go out with here. well, there’s kim, but I’m pretty sure I would want to kill her within minutes of arriving. 🙂
that’s about it. I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seat from the excitement. I’m glad to hear stuff is going well with everyone. miss you all and will talk to you soon!

oh yeah- and does anybody know how to tell who posted what? I can usually figure out by the content, but it sometimes takes a few sentences, and I feel dumb. hee hee 🙂

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pretty happy franny

haylo ladies.
yup….i am finally in the wonderful city of boston. today is officially a week i call this place home. my apt is beautiful and settled, just need a few more applicances. who knew one would need that thing called a vacuum?!?! so far, my aptmates and i are getting along very well. our personalities are way too similiar. one of them looks identical to dr. caitlin kelly. they pretty much know boston, so having someone to give me directions is also very helpful. (not that that prevents me from getting lost). classes are very interesting. i have to say i am extremely well prepared graduating from Binghamton. in addition to class, i will be intering 11hrs a wk at a preschool, 4 hrs a wk on a project site, and crossing my fingers for a particular graduate assistantship (working in the Career Services Office) that will pay for about 6 credits of my tuition each semester. i have been doing pretty well with the whole cooking situation. thank goodness for my overbearing mother who cooked a whole bunch of things for me to freeze. been mixing it up with a few of my own “dishes”. laura came to visit me friday afternoon on her way home from visiting her cousin. do not listen to the fact that i somewhat got lost, or that i have already tripped and bruised up my knee. i was doing sooo good over the summer! i guess its the academic atmosphere. it was very nice to see her. i miss you guys soo much. being able to have that natural support system and always having some sort of social plans. frank’s friend, courtney is going to boston university, so it was nice to see her the other nite for coffee. last nite, i went out with 2 of my roomates to a club. there were waaayyy too many of “our songs”. “girls just want to have fun” actually gave me goosebumps and teary. well, after the club we hung out with my aptmates’ new boy and his friends. this were the story gets good….franny has actually met a nice jewish boy. (well i am pretty sure he’s jewish). his name is brandon (I LOVE THAT NAME!!). about my height, dirty blond hair, beautiful green eyes, scruffy facial hair. he is a year older than me. graduated from brown university and has been teaching biology and chemistry for 2 years in roxbury high school. (a bad area of boston). we were all a bit tipsy/drunk and i started playing with his cell phone. as an attempt to show him how to use his cell phone, i plugged my number into his phone book. (clever, eh?) he gave me his cell number too. one of his ultimate goals is to fix up the boston public school system. was born and raised in cape cod. once my roomate and her boy started fooling around, brandon and i kissed. he was such a gentleman about where he placed his hands. finally i feel asleep in his arms around 6am. its soo adorable how self-conscious he is about his body. (no reason at all to be). this morning, my tummy felt a little weird (we were at my aptmates’ boys’ apt) so i got up gave him a kiss on the cheek and let him continue sleeping. AAHHHHH!! you can imagine how nuts i am going now wondering if he is going to call or not?!?! i decided i was going to give him till tuesday nite and if i didnt hear from him i would call him on my way home from class at 930 and be like “interested in doing something?”.
everyone please cross your fingers!!

MWAH…lots of hugs and kisses!

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