Carrie’s Photo Documentation of Las Vegas

hats.jpgOh Lord. So, you know how Carrie came to visit Las Vegaaaaahhhs a couple of weeks ago? Well, you’re all in luck because she has posted Official Pictoral Documentation of our visit here in Sin City (which means that I don’t have to do it: DING!). Unfortunately while partying it up Sin City Style, Shanunu experienced a minor case of amnesia and neglected to document our jungle goddess experience during which we were chased by a bloodthirsty dragon, but if I shared all the details I’d have to… well you know how it goes (and I think it’s best to avoid any more bloodshed).

She did however go into detail about our journey into Nature and also mentioned the discovery of our new favorite thrift store! For complete coverage of Carrie’s trip to Las Vegas, go here. I have to say, the teal prom dress (which you’ll see if you go to the aforementioned photo gallery) definitely competes with the other 80’s style prom dresses we found a few years ago. You’ll have to decide for yourself which ones you like better! Beware travellers, as it’s obvious that hereto forward, the motto “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” no longer rings true…


  1. Carrie · October 14, 2004

    Well, the picture of us in Urban Outfitters is pretty hot! Maybe you should be in charge of the “self motifa portraits” from now on. 🙂

  2. Caitlin K · October 15, 2004

    I took a look at the pictures and I can’t wait to experience it myself!! you really should have bought some of those hot tops!! I mean they arent as hot as a home made scarf..but close enough! I can’t wait to see you!! It’s only a few weeks away!!