Hello Ladies!

So yes, we are settled into Chicago (sort of)! I was able to see Caitlin and Sam when we first got here, which was wonderful. I cannot believe how long it had been! Tim and I have been house-hunting, and actually decided today which one we want to put an offer in on-YIKES! Quite the commitment. Why this scares me and not marraige I do not know…

Caitlin, I would love it if you came out for a Bears game! And if you get us beat up or kicked out, we’ll just take it to a bar and get kicked out of there too 🙂 I miss you all lots, and am so excited to read all of your posts and see how everyone is doing!

Side note: if anyone didn’t get a save the date card please let me know-I either don’t have your address, or it got stuck to the inside of the mailbox. Something to think about if you are ever trying to send magnets in a metal mailbox.

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So I’m so excited (I talked to Jen, she is too) that I can see two Binghamton ladies should I head to Chicago!!!  Dawn mentioned in the comments about going to a Bears game.  I would totally go, although you’ll have to ask Caitlin and Sam how that went the last time, which is why I’m posting here.  At the game I got really drunk and insulted those fans around me by calling them “corn-fed a**holes”.  Maybe get me a seat a few rows back?

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Dickinson is Back

busterHappy Easter, girls!  There are an awful lot of holidays in this period…and in celebration of this one, I’m proud to present you with the oh-so-beautiful Dickinson: my home away from home foto gallery. 

Which I’m sure you’ll all highly enjoy and appreciate.

Hope all your colored eggs turned out beautiful and that you’ve eaten at least 30 jellybeans today!  miss you!

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

It’s almost that time again…
Leprechauns and corned beef and green beer!

Here’s a little quiz to see how informed you are on Irish history.

Test your Irish I.Q.

(I hope you all do better than me, I only got four right!!)

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Happy Belated Birthday

Happy belated birthday to Jen & Nicole–what did ya’ll do?!?!

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Dickinson Community

Remember the night in the fountain?I was perusing our Alma Mater’s website at work today (trying to stay awake during my after-lunch-I’m-feeling-drowsy-period) and came across Dickinson’s traditions page. I had totally forgotten about Mutant Mania and Dick-at-Nite.  I don’t remember ever going to Dick-at-Nite, but I remember making the posters.  (Anyone remember the infamous Thanksgiving Dinner poster I made for Joe the-RA-who-liked-to-cook?  That’s right the 7 foot tall 3-D stuffed turkey with gangly legs and fat stomach?  I totally still have it at home and bring it out on special Thanksgiving day occasions. lol.)  And remember the Semi-Formals?  God, they were so lame.  Though I suppose we had fun anyways…

Apparently they’re planning on tearing down Dickinson and rebuilding it in the “near future”.  I thought you would all be interested in hearing what the administration has to say on the topic:  

“Students, faculty and staff are working hard to ensure that the Dickinson Spirit will remain strong as we transition into new facilities. Community is created by people, not the physical space.” 



I’ll have to revive the old “Dickinson:My New Home” site that I made the first year of college.  It was high quality (thus the reason it no longer exists…it was on the same level as The Water Garden).  But if they really are going to tear our dear old dorms down, we’ll need all the photo-memories we can get.

Luca and I are going to the Grand Cayman Islands after Easter with Uncle G and Aunty B from California, and  my Mom, Dad and brothers.  Can’t wait!  Anyone have plans for St. Patrick’s Day or Easter??

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A baby and a Vacation

Hiya Ladies! Well I have definetly been MIA lately so I will try and catch you all up on things. The biggest news of course is that my sister had her baby!! Rory John Joyce was born on 1/29 and was 7 lbs 13oz. Me and Sam were both there in Boston to see him be born. My sister went into labor the night before we were suppossed to fly out to Turks and Caicos for a vacation. So we delayed our flight. She was in labor for around 18 hours before they decided that she wasn’t going to be able to fit the baby out the old fashion way so she had a c-section. Both my sister and the baby are doing well and my mom is just going crazy about being a grand-ma! That baby is going to be spoiled rotten!

So after Rory was born me and Sam went down to Turks and sat on the beach for a week. We didn’t do much else except eat, drink, swim and sleep. We did go snorklling once and saw some sea turtles and manta rays so that was fun. It was fun to be back on the beach seems the last time we were was for the ol wedding. we did see one wedding down there and it was so ghetto compared to ours! mostly cuz the guest list just couldn’t compare!

The job is going pretty good…very busy but i am surviving..the kids are cute and that always helps.

hope that you are doing well. Dawn-when are you arriving in chicago and when is your wedding again?  Caitlin-happy birthday! Shira-enjoy your valentine’s day party!! i wish i could attend..ours is still one of my favorite memories! Miss you all tons!

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Long time!

Hey Everyone!  Thanks Shira for sending the e-mail with our user names, it’s been a while!  I’m glad to see everyone on facebook too, I am very obsessed.  Things are the same around here – working, etc.  I play touch football in this social league here and I think of the Champlain ladies all the time!  Still remember seeing “Princess of Power” on the back of Shira’s shirt.  Oh the days!  Anyways just preparing to turn 27 (ugh) and for two weddings I’m lucky enough to attend this year – one being Dawn’s, woot!

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Blast from the Past

Diary entry

March 18, 2002

Binghamton, NY

“Agh!  What a day – went to the Rat for the first time last night – SO much fun!!  Every song was great!  Danced ’till 3:30am.  Slept ’till 2:30pm…”

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all travel safely and have a wonderful time with family and friends.  Adam and I may be going to NYC for a little trip after x-mas, let me know if anyone will be around.  We are still waiting to see if he can take the days off.  By the way, we are in our first house! if you want to see pictures go to www.flickr.com/photos/cunningham-family Also, let me know if any of you will be passing through or would like to stop by, we would love to have visitors! Talk to you all soon.

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