naughty naughty activities

so last week my family and i went to this huge BRIS party for friends of my family. they just had quadruplets and 3 of the babies were boys, so that meant “snip snip”. my boyfriend is friends with the babies’ father, so he was there too. we cant really tell anyone that we are dating or within 5 minutes word will get around the the persian community and everyone will think we are engaged. so up until that night, him and i were talking about a way to sneak out of the party to fool around. there isnt much room in the back seat of his car, so he borrowed another friend’s range rover. he texts me in the middle of the reception, and we met in the parking lot. found a nice alleyway down the street. very thankful it was late and no one was around. after fooling around, we finally gather ourselves and head back to the party. he walks in first and then me. a little while later he is talking to someone i know who has a beautiful little girl. i noticed the girl was crying, so i meant to ask if i could help in anyway. the guy goes “oh thank you so much. oh, by the way..i would like to introduce you to Mo. Mo this is Frances, Frances this is Mo.” Both of us went along and pretended we didnt know each other. I really wanted to say “Oh, it is nice to meet you. Didnt we just have sex a few minutes ago?” hee-hee….

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4 Responses to “naughty naughty activities”

  • Shira [ 23Jul08]

    Hahahaha!! Geez, Frances, you are tooo much!! Hopefully you don’t always have to go to such great lengths to get some quality time together! Mo is a hot name.

  • Dawn [ 24Jul08]

    You are going to be 80 years old and still doing stuff like that. And giggling about it too.

  • Dawn [ 24Jul08]

    I almost forgot…happy belated birthday! And thank you for my text message 🙂

  • Caitlin k [ 25Jul08]

    HAHAHA…what a great story…sex in cars is great isn’t it? i am so happy that you have found someone worthy of francis…and i was pretty sure your story was going to end with you kidnapping the child…

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