summer in nyc!

Hey Ladies,

Sorry, I havent written in sooo long. I totally forgot how to login to this website. Shira was kind enough to email me directions, so I thought I would write a post before I forgot. Everything is going very well here in NYC. Just got back from a 2 week trip to Israel with an organization called Birthright. It was an amazing time!! We saw and experienced so much. I even pulled a Frances and fell while hiking. I was taken to the hospital and got 5 stiches on my forehead. Thank goodness that is ALL that happened! Since then I have been busy teaching summer school, writing up my research project from last year, and working at an autism research lab. I am loving the work, just wish I was actually getting PAID for it!! Evidently it is all supposed to pay off in a few years. Besides school/work, I have been dating a guy for almost 4 months now. He is also persian/jewish. We were set up through family. I was very hesitant at first, but thought why not give it a chance? Things are going very well and it is actually nice to finally meet a guy who doesnt play games. I have told him plenty of college Frances stories and he still hasnt dumped me, so I guess this one is a keeper!??!?  Hope everyone is well. xoxoxoxo

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3 Responses to “summer in nyc!”

  • Shira [ 14Jul08]

    Congrats on your new man, Frances! Exciting! I can’t believe you had to get five stitches on your head! Geez. I still totally remember the time we were walking through that unworking fountain/amphitheater in dickinson and you slipped on ice and totally ripped the butt of your pants open. *LOL* What’s the new boy’s name?

  • Dawn [ 17Jul08]

    I’m glad to hear things are still going well with the boy! I laughed really hard when I read you needed medical attention in a foreign country, but even harder when Shira reminded me of you falling and ripping your pants! HAHAHA!! Good times. I’m glad you had a good experience on your trip-if you’re able to come to the wedding, bring pictures with you, I would love to see them!

  • Shira [ 18Jul08]

    Happy Almost Birthday, Frances! Any big plans??

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