Old Pic


I’m going to town with our new scanner this week.  This is one of my favorite pictures from college, but unfortunately got semi-ruined somehow…(I think when I was cleaning the frame with window cleaner one day).  Does anyone have the original in digital form that they can send me??  I think there’s another version too, perhaps with me and one arm in the air like an orangatang.  I totally cannot believe we wore those homemade scarves in public, Caitlin.  (Hotness)

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2 Responses to “Old Pic”

  • Cailtin K [ 05Jun08]

    Homemade scarfs were pure hotness! and so cheap to make! and who cares if your boob pops out every now and then..well maybe sam did but whatever ;)And that is so sad your face is missing! I must confess i think i only have like 3 picutres total from college cuz i just never take pictures..i stink like that!

  • Shira [ 12Jun08]

    Haha haha – I know, I wish my face was in there! I guess we hadn’t converted to digital yet in those years. I almost forgot about the boob popping out business lol. God, and we DANCED in those things!! Do you have any of those fake graduation pics we took before the graduation ceremony actually happened?

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