Headline: Binghamton Grads Turn Las Vegas Upside Down

Oh, Bingo Girls! How I miss you! Caitlin has suggested a Las Vegas Reunion in late October, and I think it is desperately needed!! This city is corrupting me–I need some support! Or at least some fellow coruptees! Every single club here has poles, btw. And I went (on a date) tonight to this great place that has FABULOUS, delicious drinks!! And homemade infused vodkas!! Hellow! That’s not even the point. I just miss you all so much, and am sure that you could all use a nice, theraputic mini-vaca in the Mojave Desert. You can all stay here, so it will be cheap, and we can split a hotel room in the city one night so we can get Binghamton-worthy intoxicated. Just think about it, eh? We still have two months to plan…

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One Response to “Headline: Binghamton Grads Turn Las Vegas Upside Down”

  • Dawn [ 24Aug04]

    I’ll come!! I’m out of town until the 15th, but if you have it on my weekend off after that, I’ll be there! By the way, I told my boss I would be staying with you the first two weeks in Oct…I’m actually going to be with Tyler, but since that will lose me my job and all…I used you. I hope you don’t mind. Talk to you soon!