takeout.jpgI’ve decided to host a big Halloween party this year.  Italians don’t celebrate Halloween, but it’s time they started celebrating, dammit.  So I’m going all out with food and decorations and music and games.  Luca doesn’t think anyone will get dressed up, so I’m putting a note on the invites obligating guests to come in costume and advising that anyone who shows up without one won’t be allowed inside.   HA!

Obviously, I have to have the best costume of all (hostess with the mostess).  I haven’t decided yet what to be.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I was thinking a box of Chinese food, as that’s something I’ve wanted to dress up as for a long time…but hardly anyone here even eats Chinese food, so I don’t know if they would get it.

Anyone know what they’re dressing up as yet this year?  Are any of you hosting parties this year?  It’s kind of a bad year for parties, because All Hallow’s falls on a Wednesday.  I’m having mine the Saturday after (you’re all invited!!)

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SOOOOO long!

I had no idea it had been so long since I posted! Shira, the site looks fantastic-I love reading your blogs (is that what they are called? I’m still as computer illiterate as ever…). It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well…Caitlin L., how is your move back home treating you? So a quick update on my life…I get out of the Navy in a month-YAY! I’m fairly certain you all know by now that I am engaged…the wedding will be September 5, 2008 in Albany-so excited! I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it to any of the weddings so far-once I’m out of the Navy I will have so much more freedom! (Well, once my wedding is over-financial constraints now must be taken into account). We leave San Diego in March-to move to Great Lakes, IL, right near Caitlin and Sam! Very excited about that. We’ll see how excited I am when I have to survive my first winter again. Right now, I am working in the Intensive Care Unit, and absolutely hate my job. In about a year I might be able to get a real job, with weekends off and a desk-with a chair-but until then, I have to grin and bear it. Or bear it anyway. All of a sudden, I can’t think of anything worthy of telling you guys that has happened in my life over the past year or so…sad. But I think I hit the big things-I will definately be checking the website frequently again, and I can’t wait to hear updates from everyone!

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Can You Categorize Girls?

I was reading an article today about actresses and the author used some hot catch phrases.  I was trying to see if any of us fit into these categories…what do you think?  here they are:

Bitchy Aplomb 

Girl Scout Sexiness 

Feisty, Furrow-browed Cuteness (Reneè Zellweger…)

Gorgeous Vacancy (think Naomi Campbell)

Penetrating Intelligence

 Vote for who you think belongs in each category.  Or, if you think these categories just don’t cut it–what category is missing??


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Hi everyone!

Hi, it seems as though everyone is doing great.  I miss you all, and the great times we had at Binghamton.  I have driven through a few times and think of all of you. We should definitely try to get together sometime soon.

I am living in Corning now, and working as the director of a historical society museum.  Adam is an engineer in town as well.  We just bought a house! yay! You are welcome to stay (as soon as we move in).  We have a doggy named Dinah, our baby Lily (the cat) and of course Donkey.  Donkey is doing well, he rules our household.

I will write more soon.

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Nicole’s Wedding Pictures

I just saw Nicole’s wedding pictures–check them out for yourselves on Snapfish (you’ll have to fill out the free registration form if you’re not registered yet). 

 I love the red detail in your dress, Nicole.  Hope married life is treating you well. Congratulations!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

I can’t believe everyone is getting married.  What the heck.  I may have to photoshop a picture of me in a wedding gown to see what it feels like…

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