Paging Dr Kelly

Well I have officially started my residency. I have only been a real doctor since Thrus but I am already ready for a vacation! Things are going pretty well and I am kinda getting used to responding to being called “doctor”. I am on an easy-ish rotation to start with so my hours aren’t horrible. I had my first overnight call this last Saturday and it went pretty smooth except for some crazy moms.

Besides the job things are going well. Married life is not that much different. Did I share the storey of Sam losing his wedding band less then 24 hours after we were married with you all yet? If not, read on. So we were in the ocean after the breakfast on Sunday and Sam said “Do you think I will lose my ring in the water?” I told him I didn’t know how loose it was on his finger so i didn’t know, but if it felt loose to take it off. He thought that it wouldn’t fall past his knuckle so he didn’t think he could loose it. Literally 30 seconds later, a little wave comes and off goes his ring! He immediately dived to try and find it and then we went and got snorkling masks and looked for almost two hours but we never found it :(  So we had to order a new one. But he has managed to keep that one on his finger since!

Not too much else happening here in Chi-town. We are pretty much settled in to the new place. Have everything painted except the guest bedroom so you girls should let me know what color you want the room you will be staying in to be!

Miss you all tons and hope things are going well for everyone!

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