I miss my ladies!

Argh! It seems like I haven’t been near a computer in forever! It was so good to see how everyone was doing. I, like caitlin, had to sort through old email to find my login, but I’m here now, and hopefully I will be able to make time to get here at least once a week.

 Congrats to Shira and Caitlin L for the new jobs! Very exciting! I’m of course wicked proud of Frances for her doctorate work, and Caitlin K, how did the boards go? Any word from Dawn-the-girl and jen lately?

As for me, I’ve been fairly busy. I’ve been working as a special ed paraprofessional and tutoring everyday after school and on saturdays, but it has been getting more and more frustrating that I am a qualified and licensed teacher, and I’m not being treated like one. So I got a new job! Starting on March 12th (the day after my birthday) I will be teaching my very own third grade class! I’m SO excited. And, the school is turning into a Montessori school starting with next years Kindergarteners, which is really cool. Plus I am going to be trained in Montessori teaching, which means I’m getting a FREE second Masters Degree!

Josh and I are figuring out our wedding plans. Will any of you ladies have time off on June 29th after taking time for Caitlin’s? We have a very yummy menu picked out, and it will be open bar!

My crazy soon-to-be-husband (who dislikes the term fiance) has gotten it into his head that a new job and a wedding are not enough, so we have started house hunting as well. It’s exciting, but I need to keep being reminded that our first house will not be our dream house, and he needs to remember that just because it’s our first house doesn’t mean we have to settle for a money pit!

Boy I’ve been babbling for a while. This is what happens when I have time off for winter break! I should in fact be heading off to the gym, which I have rejoined in the hopes of fitting into my very pretty wedding dress. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Hope all is well with you girls, miss you tons!

 ~ Nicole =)

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Red Party!

Hey ladies! Sorry its been a while – had to dig through old e-mails cause I forgot my login!  Site looks great Shira!  So just had my red birthday party on Friday – thanks to Frances for representing the Binghamton ladies!  It was fun – served Red Velvet cupcakes and drank Red Stripe, yum.  Job is going okay but my big news is a move back to Rochester – I’ve gotten a job working for my mom as a business developer.  Its a good step for experience and I’ll be able to have my own place!  I’m a little nervous about leaving New York City, which I love, but I’ll be able to have a car and an intellectually stimulating job so that’s good.  I miss everyone and am SO excited for Caitlin’s wedding and hanging out on the beach!!

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Desperate Housewife Returns to Work

Well I completly understand Shira’s post about how boring being a housewife can be!! I was one for the whole month of January. At least it gave me time to work on the invites but it got kinda old! Now I am back to work doing another peds rotation. Its not too exciting but at least I am talking to some adults! I have to take another Board Exam this Friday. This test alone cost me $1000!!! It is insane! It is actually a test were they have 15 “standardized patients” which means actors. And I have to exam them and the biggest part of the exam you are graded on is your English proficiency skills! They actually tell some of the actors to be angry and yell at you to see if you will break and either cry or yell back! It is so stupid but I have no chose. So you can just imagine me sometime this Friday with an over-acting (like soap opera bad acting) “patient” who is yelling at me while I try not to laugh. Oh the joys of med school!

Congrats on the new job Shira!! It sounds so perfect for you! And as for the “ball workouts” (that sounds dirty). I have been doing Core Secrets. Keep in mind I have been doing it on and off since the beginning of summer and I don’t have a six pack. I am not sure if I even have a core. But it does make you sore and maybe if I did it more consistently I would see results but I am begginning to think I am resistent to exercise!

Things in Chi-town are good, but freezing! It has been windchills of like 20 below for the past five days! I had my dress fitting this past weekend! I still fit into it so that was a relief! Putting it on definetly made me even more excited about the wedding! I am even more excited that it sounds like you girls can make it to the wedding!! We are working on the menu…any suggestions? Maybe I should hire Shira to make something? Do you girls remember how good her breads and cakes were?!?! (and that was before the CIA!!)  Now if only she (or anyone) could find a way for bread and cakes to be good for you!

Guess that is about it for me. Caitlin and Francis-you will have to let us know how the Red Bday party goes! I wish I could crash this year too!

Miss you all tons!! 


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