What Were We Taking?

Seriously, how did I EVER talk you guys into posing for these pictures??

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Hello all… long time no talk. Just  wanted to check out the new site and say hello to everyone. I’m currently in Boston and will be here until the end of March. I do miss sunny california! (so jealous of you dawn) I hope everyone enjoys the holidays this year. Let me know if any of you ladies want to visit cold cold Boston. Don’t wear your Yankee gear – the boston fans are completly psycho! I’m like a closeted Yankee fan. lol. Have a happy december. Don’t work too hard. I’ll be home in NY for the week of christmas. Give a call if you like. Take care!!

~Laura 🙂

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The Art of Pulling a “Frances”

Well it HAS been a while since I have pulled a “Frances”, so it was bound to happen….

Story #1 – A few days ago, I finally got contacts!! I was so excited to try them out at some NYC bars and see how many men would flock to me. Well at one bar, things were going very well with this one guy, even ended up going home with him. When I was leaving, I put my shoes and jacket on in the dark, picked up my bag, and in my VERY drunken stupor made it downstairs and into a cab. This whole time, I am thinking “ouch my foot hurts!”, but didnt think much of it because my toe has been hurting a lot lately. The next morning, I wake up and see a strange shoe in my room. Turns out I had put on one of my shoes and one of his shoes. Meanwhile, the night before in my drunken stupor I scribbled my phone number on a piece of paper. So he called me the next day asking for his shoe back. That had to be the MOST uncomfortable conversation I have EVER had in my life.

Story #2 – Unfortunately I blink waaaay too much when trying to put contacts in my eyes, so it takes forever to get one in my eye. The other night I had dinner plans with Frank and I was in a rush to leave. Placed one contact in my eye and attempted to place the other contact in my eye. Then I look up and notice that one eye is blurry, so I assume that it is not in my eye and I have dropped it on the floor. I take the other contact out, put on my glasses and rush out to meet Frank. On my way there, I notice my eye really really hurts. I get to the bathroom of the restaurant and realize the contact was in my eye the whole time, but hidden on the top part of my eye. Took that out and tossed in the garbage. I think at this rate, I will be done with the 12 pairs in like a month?

Stay tuned for more stories….


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