I’m home!

I’m back in the US! Yay! It is so great to be back. I got in to Cali on Sunday, and it has been hectic ever since then, but wonderful. Tim and I moved in to the house (I absolutely love it, he did a great job picking it out!). I don’t actually have to start work for about two more weeks, which is fantastic. I think I may have told you all I’ll be going to the ICU, but I’m not sure. The very first thing I did (after a little “personal time” with Tim of course) was go to Outback and have a steak and a beer! That’s the big news for now…I’ll post more soon, and if I can figure out how, I’ll put some pictures of the house up. Love you and miss you all! Dawn 🙂

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all work and no play has made frances a dull girl!

hey ladies,

so glad to hear that everyone is doing well. life is going pretty good here in new york city. summer was filled with working, studying for my first doctoral exam, preparing for teaching, and attempting to relax. it was soooooooo awesome to see you guys. that was probably the biggest highlight!

no men! they seem to be non- existant. maybe my prince charming is out there making himself better for me?!?!? they say he shows up when you arent looking for him. so lets just say i have “stopped” looking?!?! do you hear me men?!?! I AM NOT LOOKING! NOT LOOKING AT ALL!! (maybe that will work?) i AM posting it on the internet. my prince charming will find this information and then know it is time to find me! 🙂 (geez- i have gotten pathetic!)

classes are actually interesting this year. no more boring required classes. i am taking a close specifically devoted to understanding developmental disabilities. unfortunately it is in staten island (a bit far from where i live) – but its an amazing class, so just have to deal with the commute.

teaching is going well too. i am teaching 2 sections of “Infancy and Child Development”. they are pretty much freshmans, sophmores, and some older people who are going back to school. i have gotten some of the dumbest questions! (i really hope we were not THIS stupid in undergrad.) the first day of class, i had this one annoying girl ask me what the exams would be like, what an A, B, C would equal – i so wanted to reply “like i know? i am just making this s**t up as i go along!” . there is a cute guy in my class (he’s 26! so i am NOT robbing the cradle). so thats a nice face to stare at when lecturing. (so asking him out would be immoral, right?)


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Well it is official. On May 19th 2007 at sunset your favorite soon-to-be-doctor and your favorite indian will be getting hitched at the Manchebo Beach Resort in Aruba!!!!! So you are all invited so start looking for some cute sundresses (shoes are optional)
We booked the place a few weeks ago which is a relief. Now we just have to do all the little details…like food, drink , flowers…dress!

Things here are pretty good. I have the next 3 weeks off to study for boards (yes another stupid test!). So I am slowly going insane but it is nice to have a break from the hospital. I wish I had more exciting stories like Jen. I wish hot celeberties showed up in my clinics…all i get is stupid sick people..ugh

Hope you are all doing well and if you get bored feel free to check out:
www.manchebo.com to check out the place!

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Mrs. Cool J

Hello everybody!!! I had a great time seeing you girls who came into new york! (Even if we did have a little trouble finding each other at first :)). And i’m so excited to hear that Dawn will be back soon!!! I haven’t posted in a while but I don’t have much to post. Things have been going well with me. I got a promotion so i am now an assistant store manager…second in charge :), and since my store manager is away this week I’m first in charge which is just a little more stressful than I’d like :). All in all, work is going very well though. OH!!!…and LL Cool J now knows me…well, sort of. I ordered a book for him a week or so ago and he came to pick it up the other day and said “hey, how’s it going.” He remembered me…and we had a mini conversation about the drink he ordered from the cafe. It’s the little things (not to sound like a girl, but he’s totally hot in person). Things with Rob are also going well (despite the fact that we both live at home and would like just a little more private time). I went with him and his family to Woodlock pines (a resort in Pennsylvania) in July and we’re going back for a weekend in October so i’m excited about that. Anyway, I have now told you about all the exciting things that are going on…sad isn’t it? I hope you ladies are doing extremely well and I can’t wait to see all of you again soon!!!!!
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