Lots of Anniversaries

Is it Spring where you are?! It’s sooo warm and sunny here! I am loving it tons. It was such a strange transition from winter to warm weather…last week it was rainy and cold and disgusting and this week everything is green and blooming and lovely! I’m crossing my fingers that winter is over in your neck of the woods too.

All this talk about anniversaries reminded me that I’ve been in Italy for a year now (arrived March 17, 2005). Luca and I started dating in…oh geez I don’t remember…April? or May? I think the 8th of April was the first time we went out for a ride on the Harley. That means it’s almost our 1 year anniversary too.

Three years ago this week we were all here. God I was so skinny then! I must have gained 20 lbs. since then. Polenta!!! I’m telling you it’s all this pasta and the tradition of eating 8 antipasti (antipasti are like appetizers except they come in 8 courses) before the main courses at 9PM! Well, anyways, I started excercising again this week, so hopefully by the time Caitlin and Sam get married I will be at least back to normal!! (If not WAY HOTTER!!!) lol.

Things here are going good. I learned last week that this job I accepted at the B&B is only part time. ha! Somehow I missed that little detail when I signed on. So, in my free time I’m looking for another little part time job, have an offer to be a waitress, am giving English lessons to a couple of people, writing, sowing my garden, and missing you all and the good old US desperately.

But I like it here. It’s nice. A peaceful life.

In thinking about the theme party for Caitlin…(wait, let me write in a secret code so that she won’t clue in on our brainstorming)
Caitlin Kelly, Don’t Read This Part

So, if they’re having a destination wedding, doesn’t that usually involve a sandy white beach with blue tropical waters?
Picture this: we fly out the original Binghamton Crosbys. We plan a trip to the beach, the (talented and attractive) Crosbys arrive ahead of time in bathing suits and snorkel gear. We make up some sort of game so that as we arrive, we all race immediately into the water splashing and screaming for joy. (After all, our Caity is getting freaking MARRIED!) Unbeknownst to her, the Crosbys in their swim trunks and snorkel gear are waiting underwater to serenade us in a beachfront concert!!!! (Maybe they sing the first song underwater??) Imagine the excitement when they all pop up at the same time!! AIEE!! Maybe we have floaties & a swim up bar or tropical drinks in the sand, courtesy of Crosby waiters…Think about it!

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hey ladies,

sorry havent written in a while. as usual have been buried under piles of books and papers. you would think they would give me my degree after a year of coursework. i think thats more than enough, but noooo they want me to take 3 years of coursework and then write a dissertation to add to the development of scientific knowledge. blah! blah! blah!

everything else is going great. ari and i are almost hitting 5 months together!!! i definately have a bad crush on him. this weekend he leaves for a 2 week vacation to israel. and then a 6 week conference/class in washington dc. so thats 2 whole months he will be gone. but my spring break is coming up, so i will be able to visit him in dc. and he promised to come home for a weekend in may, so it wont be too bad. plus, i have a million deadlines in the month of may….so its probably a good thing he wont be around to distract me?!?! (ill just keep telling myself that.) i have NO idea how you ladies did the long distance thing for so long. lots of cold showers?!?!

so yea….thats me in a nutshell. school, work, and the cute boyfriend. 🙂

glad everyone is doing well. caitlin/sam’s destination wedding – may 2007! woo hoo!! gonna start saving up the pennies now.


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Busy, but Good

I realize “Busy but Good” has been my mantra for the last year or so, but it is still holding true. Josh and I have joined the “Quarter Century Club” and celebrated with a party at one of the private rooms in Boston Billiards (a really awesome bar/billiard hall we frequent). It was a great party. There was not a huge turnout, but everyone I was hoping to show up did, and Josh and I had a spectacular time. For my birthday last Saturday walked around the Peace Pagoda in Sunderland, which was really beautiful and well, peaceful (go figure). Then we saw the 40 minuted 3D documentary on Underwater Sea Creatures at the iMax Theater in Manchester CT and had dinner at the Olive Garden. It was a perfect day. Not to mention, he spoiled me rotten with a new bag and matching wallet, a video iPod, and a laptop he got a phenomanal deal on from work! His birthday is on the 26th and we are going to visit his mom in VT that weekend, but I have promised to take him out to dinner whenever he chooses and I’m helping him get a mountian bike.

So the personal like is wonderful. As far as school goes, I’m almost done. I’m in the same boat as Caitlin as far as feeling a little lost looking for a real job when I’ve been a student for so long. The kids I’m working with are great, and my cooperating teacher is the best mentor any aspiring teacher could ask for. I have finally hunted down the man who is supposed to be helping me with my thesis, so I will have that completed in time for commencement, he gaurantees it.

That’s about it from here. People around here keep teasing about when I’m going to get my ring, and Josh hints about it a lot, which had me under a false impression that I would be getting it for my birthday. I was a little upset when I realized I wouldn’t (about 2 weeks beforehand), but that feeling seems like a distant memory by now. I’m not in any extreme hurry. I am VERY happy with the way our life is right now, and I think the only reason I was hyped up about it was all the talk from the people at the gym, school, and friends from the bank. It will happen when the time is perfect, because Josh is good at that, and for now, I can just look forward to Caitlin and Sam’s Wedding!!

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Decisions, Decisions

Hello Ladies!

So the last few weeks in Chicago have been filled with some rather big decisions. Well I guess only really two big decisions, but still…they are pretty big.
The first one is that I have decided (or atleast 99.99% decided) to go into Pediatrics. Now I know that many of you probably already thought I had made that decision already but I really didn’t know exactly what kind of doctor I wanted to be and it was kinda stressing me out.. I started my peds rotation a month ago and I am really enjoying it and I think I can get a pretty good residency in it so I am going to do it…now I just have to figure out how I go about getting that residency (I don’t apply till the fall)…but after all these years in school it is kinda wierd to be thinking about getting a job..i forgot what a pay check is like!

My other big decision is that I think I have a wedding date! Drum roll please….May 19th 2007 (or maybe May 12th)..i can’t settle on a date for some reason…it’s really wierd to actually pick a date and say it out loud…i guess i just figured the day would never come….or maybe I am just dreading having to plan things for real 🙂 So let me know if anyone knows for sure that one of the dates can’t work for them…cuz then I will pick the other…but mark those days on your calendars…and I am 95% sure it will be a destination wedding somewhere.. so make sure you all have cute beach dresses! more details when we figure it out..unless any of you want to plan our wedding …shira was always good at theme parties (hint hint)

I guess that is about it for me…I hope you are all doing well and I miss you all so much! Now that I have a date you girls have to plan some sort of “everyone buys Caitlin a drink” party!

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