finally!!! :)

hey ladies,

so i have got some good news…..i finally met an awesome guy! we met through the powers of JDATE. he is 31, persian, jewish, radiologist resident and enjoys my sense of humor!! he is 6’2″, brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes. his name is arash. we have been on 4 amazing dates and both feel like we have known the other person for years! on our 1st date we went to this mexican restaurant and my food was a little too spicy. he actually volunteered to switch his dinner with me. on our 2nd date we went to a comedy club and then out dancing. our 3rd date we had dinner, saw the show AVE Q, and headed to this wine/cheese/chocolate fondue bar, then we ended up back at his apt. (such a good kisser!! 0:-) ). our 4th date we hung out at his apt, watched movies, ordered a pizza, got ice cream, milk and cookies. yesterday he left for the caribean and california for 2 weeks. (he is originially from los angeles). he actually called me from the caribbean, just to say he had a great time the night before and that he wished i was there wit him. he has also told his mother about me. (his mother has a phd in clinical psychology and is a marriage counselor). we have only known each other for like 3 weeks and its just absolutely amazing.

so yea…thats what i have been up to. finally i meet a decent guy!! and the fact that he is persian AND jewish is even better. 🙂 suprisingly the age thing is not an issue at all. i call him grandpa all the time.

will keep everyone updated!

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Speaking of Binghamton

I was on my way to school yesterday, and this older guy let my car into his lane when I was getting off the highway. I waved a thank you when he first motioned, and again when I got in front of him, and then the light changed so I was sitting in front of him. I looked in my rear view mirror and he was getting out of the car! I rolled down my window as he was coming towards me thinking, what the heck is going on? He clearly motioned for me to come in, and I know we didn’t hit each other… when he got to my car, he smiled and said, “I went to Binghamton too! A couple of years before you did, but still! I had no idea when I let you in, but I just had to tell you!” I agreed that it was a funny coincidence, and that Binghamton was a great school. Then the light changed and we went our seperate ways.

very bizarre, especially after having read caitlin’s entry early that day and having Bingo on the brain. hope you ladies are doing well, what’s new with everyone? Holiday Season Approaches!

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Hey ladies – what is everyone so busy being fabulous that they have no time to update me?! So I’m posting not only because its been too long, but because I went to the Binghamton alumni website and right there at the top is a picture of Dawn and Laura!! In their cap and gown!! Check it out – our famous ladies! Nothing new with me. Applying to business schools soon and will be taking the GMAT – cross your fingers!

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