Well Ladies, It’s official…I AM ENGAGED!!!

It happened on June 7th, after I took my boards. He did it at our new apt. for details I feel that you all should call me! Then the next day we left for Turks and Caicos so my amazing ring could sparkle in the sun! He designed the ring himself so it is an original and it is so gorgeous!! and pretty big too!! THe vacation was amazing!! Didn’t do much except just sit on the beach and swim in the amazingly clear ocean or pool..then we would go out to a nice dinner and have some drinks and repeat the next day. We did go snorkling and saw sea turtles which was pretty amazing…
Since we got back my parents have visted me for a weekend and we have started moving downtown…i dont have internet yet which is why it has taken me so long to inform you ladies…after i get it set up i can try to send pictures of the vacation and the ring..even though pictures really dont’ do it justice!
well i have to run to class…but i hope to hear from you all soon!!

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Strapless Dresses and Pretty Feet

sheesh_toes.jpgI feel like everyone is thinking about weddings and getting married lately! What’s up Ladies?! I went home last week to be in the wedding of one of my girlfriends from high school–fun fun! I feel it’s essential to get a manicure/pedicure for special occasions. You feel so princesslike afterwards! That’s what I’m doing in this picture–enjoying the full body massage chair while a Chinese lady scrubs my feet. I feel that would not be a very fun job, don’t you?

The dresses we had were very pretty, but I have to advise against strapless gowns in the future. They’re just not very comfortable or flattering. Who knew how disgusting that underarm/boob area flab is?!! Eww! I detest it and have started a rigorous toning routine. Do you guys know any good arm exercises?

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New Digs

I am not moving for at least another two years! I am sooo tired of moving! Josh and I found this awesome two bedroom apartment with a kitchen, living room, dining room, two enclosed porches, driveway we have rights too, and a basement for storage. It’s really great. The second bedroom has become our computer room slash office space, we made the dining room into the tv room, and the living room is a library/reading room area. There is a fireplace in the reading room with a mantle that takes up an entire wall, and two french doors on the opposite wall, so plunking a couch and tv in their would have ruined the beauty of the room. The dining room has a bay window that the couch fits great in, and aside from the built in hutch that’s holding our nice stemware, it was perfect for hooking up all josh’s electronic stuff. The two porches are awesome too because josh has a ton of plants, so the front one gets plenty of sunlight and is a lovely place to do yoga in the morning. The one off the kitchen turns out to be the perfect place to put our two litter boxes for the kitties, and for storing our empty moving boxes until we can figure out what the heck to do with them all. I absolutely love the new place, but I still have some unpacking to do to make it feel like home. Living with josh seems to be working out well too, there is some adjustment to the fact that by living with him, his is ALWAYS here. It’s definately not a bad thing, just new, you know? The only downside to this new apartment is the we know have a real phone line (I’ve been living with only my cell phone since senior year) and now the darn telemarketers won’t leave us alone! We’re supposedly on the no-call list, but they don’t see to care.

One of my cousins graduated from high school this year, which was very bizarre considering I remember when she was born, but it was a nice chance to go down and see my family. I realized however, that I was supposed to ask my entire extended family for permission before moving in with a boy, and some of them were not very pleased. they seemed to get over it though once I explained that I was doing this to make sure this is what I want. Most of them didn’t really seem upset, just shocked. Apparently this is not what they were expecting from me, my sister has always been the “wild” one in the family. =)

With moving and all, I haven’t started my research yet, and my professor is hard to get a hold of, but I’m making serious efforts now, so I hope to be starting in the next week or so. Work is going well, I just had to take a test for the bank to make sure I know what services we offer, and my boss at the gym is looking into the possibilities of giving me more responsibility and money.

I’m loving having cats again, although two certainly is a handful. Josh has had his cat for about two years, and about a month before we moved she decided she was going to accept my presence in their lives and love and cuddle me. My little brother has moved in with his girlfriend, but they couldn’t afford a place that would allow pets, so he gave me his. They seem to be getting along well, they “fight” a lot, but they never use claws, so I think it’s mainly sibling rivalry. They do however, work together. the second night we were here, about 4:30 in the morning, the cats started going bananas. we couldn’t for the life of us figure out why, until josh got up to get ready for work, and turned on the light in the kitchen. The cats had ripped open a fresh bag of catnip and were rolling around in it, high as kites. the effects didn’t wear off for hours, and we decided to keep the catnip on the highest shelf in the pantry. Which worked temprorarily, but the other day, they apparently made their way up there and knocked over another container shortly before josh got home. Their new obsession is the cabinet for the pots and pans, but I bought child locks and will be installing them later today.

SO, I think that’s all from here. I know this one was long, so sorry guys. I hope everyone else is doing well. Shira, how was home? Caitlin, how’s YOUR new place? (becareful, boys are not the best at actually washing the dishes and getting them CLEAN) Caitlin L and Frances, how’s the city? and has anyone heard from dawn-the-girl, jen, jess, or laura? Miss you all tons, love you all too!

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