1 down, 5 more to go

I have not, in fact, been trapped in the library, but I have been busy busy busy. I’m working two jobs at the moment, the one for EMS and also as a peak-time teller at a bank. The jobs are great, although there are not too many hours on the EMS front, so something is going to have to change in the near future.
School started last week, I’m taking three courses this semester, which is a full load for a grad student at Springfield. The classes seem great, although a lot more work! (a far cry from the children’s lit class I took last semester where my books were bought thru scholastic rather than the school store.)
my apologizes to Caitlin, because I think I stole her ring for christmas! my ring is not THE ring (I will say it again in case anyone misinterprets, I am NOT engaged), but it is absolutely beautiful none the less. Josh bought me a white-gold ring with a saphire in the middle and two small diamonds on the sides. it is gorgeous and something I would totally have picked out for myself, but it scared the crap out of me when I first got it. we had been together for a little over 5 months, I bought him a book he wanted, a frisbee that lights up, and something to help his back when he screws it up, NOT ring caliber gifts!! he said that it was not meant to be scary, and to think of it as a 6-month gift a little early, and he did keep to his word and not go overboard for that occasion. things with him are going really great. I was feeling a little funny for a bit, but I had also screwed up my prescription, so I couldn’t really trust my moods. That’s all now back on track and I am VERY happy. we went to Boston shortly after the new year to see the art deco exhibit that he really wanted to see before it left the MFA and we had a great time in the city. things have been more than fantastic since then.
so, enough cheezeyness from me. Where are the other 5? Dawn-the-girl? Jen? Caitlin L? Jess? Laura? I miss my girls! and as much of a slacker as I have been, I have at least been checking in, so I know what Shira, Caitlin K, and Frances are up to; congrats to you all in your endeavors! as soon as I’m on top of my finances, I will be attempting to coordinate a reunion, any ideas on location? I’ve never been to Chicago… and of course, I can’t wait to go visit Italy, er, I mean, Shira. 🙂 Hope all is well!! xoxoxo

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Rings ‘N Things

no_ring.jpgAll the hoopla about Caitlin getting married/not getting married reminded me of the last Holiday Party we had at Binghamton–during which the subject of aforementioned marriage came up. As the picture suggests, the conversation (for those of you were too inebriated to remember) went something like: “DO YOU SEE A RING ON THIS FINGER?! HOW long have we been together?!…” I think you get the main idea. That was the night that Jess announced her engagement and modeled her sparkly new ring for us.

FYI, I also am not wearing a ring yet. *Sigh.* But really, I haven’t met the guy who’d be supportive of my gallavanting around the world or be willing to follow me around while I try on different countries and careers. So, as they say in Italy, Sto aspettando ancora il principe azzurro (I’m still waiting for Prince Charming).

P.S. If you hate the picture I posted of you on the side, send me a better one!!

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Insert: Shira, Dawn, Nicole, Laura, Christina
Add: Mudslides
Yield: A party from back in the day!!
This is an old pic from when Caitlin and Sam visited NYC and we all went…somewhere Hawaiian. Doesn’t it look fun? Don’t all you non-New Yorkers want to join in? We NYC ladies sure do miss you all. And hey, check out the Feb. issue of Glamour. Us Caitlins tend to have certain moods, catch two of them in the mag: Happy Caitlin and Extremely Pissed-Off Caitlin. Miss you all!!!!!!!!

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Does anyone member what happened to a girl named Dawn? I hear she joined the Navy and moved to sunny San Diego. Last I heard she had a boyfriend who moved to Guam…perhaps she did too….

Does anyone remember a girl named Jen? I hear she had a job at a book store in the big apple. And she was back together with a guy named Tom. I know she got a new boat over the summer…perhaps she sailed it to Guam to be with Dawn’s boyfriend…

Does anyone remember a girl named Caitlin? (not this one…the other one)…I hear she was in a magazine. Perhaps she got too famous to post here…

Does anyone remember a girl named Nicole? I hear she went back to school…perhaps she got lost in the library….

Gosh, if anyone has any info on any of my long lost friends, it sure would be great to hear……I know Frances and Shira are doing well…but it’s a Thursday today and I sure miss my ladies 🙁

POST SOON YOU GUYS! Or else it will just become the Shira, Caitlin and Frances site….and none of you other girls will be invited to my wedding…

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i came, i saw, i conquered!

Hey Chicas,

Glad to hear everyone is doing well, even if certain people are upset with me for wanting my friend to have a romantic New Year’s Eve marriage proposal. Whats wrong with me? What was I thinking?

For those of you who may be confused by the above title, its from a JayZ/Linkin Park song – suprisingly a very good combination. For some strange reason, it seems to describe my mood lately. Even though I am not sure what I have “conquered”. Everything is going pretty good lately. FINALLY finished my applications for September. I cannot believe I am attempting to go back to school. I have applied to City College and Yeshiva University for a Phd degree in Developmental Psychology. Ooooh…….I can smell the loan bills already. It was so awesome to read a BEAUTIFUL recommendation letter from my directors. Never hurts to boost the ego, no?

Things in the men department seem to be EMPTY. I was playing around with a Jewish dating website for a while. Men seem to LOVE my personality, but in the end either I am too tall or they arent comfortable with me being Iranian. Well for now, I say “SCREW THEM!”. (Let’s see how long that lasts?!?!)

Still living at home. Probably forever and ever. Suprisingly it isnt too bad. All my parents ask is that I tell them where I am going and to be home at a decent hour. Lately, most of my fun time has been spent at Caitlin’s apt. I swear I have created an ass print on her couch. We try to keep up the Thursday night tradition and she’s very good about letting me come over and veg w/Sex & the City and a nice cocktail. Hahaha!! I have Caitlin alllllllll tooo myself. I am sure you are all cringing with jealousy. 🙂

Well thats all for now, I promise to keep up with the entries. Shira, what is the name of the city you are moving to in Italy? (I am still cringing with jealousy. :P)


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The Road We Choose Isn’t Always The Road Home

Hello Ladies! What’s going on with everyone?! How are your New Year’s resolutions progressing? I hope you weren’t squashed while standing underneath the ball when it dropped on New Year’s Eve–though from our drunken conversation on the phone that night, I don’t think you were and your lack of postings must be due to some other irrevocable phenomenon.

I’m back in good old LeRoy for a while–living with The Fam and working on the line at The Rio Bamba. This restaurant is not a good match for me at all, but I’m just going to hang on to it until The European Tour. I love being at home (except for the job part) and have to say that I am really enjoying the cold and snow for the first time in a long time!

Only a couple of my friends are still living in the area, and most of them work during the day while I work at night, so I’m not exactly partying it up every night. Quite the contrary in fact, I usually get home between 11 and midnight, and study Italian until I fall asleep. Woohoo!! But really, who needs parties when you have verbs to conjugate?!

Other than that I’ve just been working out at two different gyms and with a personal trainer named Jake–who is extremely H-O-to-the-T, but who I’m not interested in romantically. I’ve also been taking long walks through the cemetery with Minnie Mae Cranowski.

So, as you can see, I’m in no need of entertainment, but if any of you feel like letting us know what you’re up to, I might be able to make a minute somewhere in this busy schedule to read it…

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Had I know you girls (especially Ms. Francis) would get so excited about the possible engagement, I might have waited longer to tell you! He didn’t propose over the holidays, but I wasn’t expected it. Afterall, he has only been working a few months. hardly enough time to earn the money to get a rock that deserves to be on this hand ;)…..so you ladies can calm down…my guess it will be early summer…cuz that’s the next time i think we might go somewhere…and he sounds like he wants it to be somewhere exotic…but i will keep you posted…i have gone out ring shopping once briefly with him while we were xmas shopping….so he definelty is serious about doing it relatively soon…
I had a good new years and xmas…was home for xmas and it was quiet but relaxing…did get in a fender bender with my dad’s car though..oops!
New years i was back here and me and sam went out to a club that was 5 stories high…it was really quite amazing..(shira, it was the club we went to when you drove thru…except we could go everywhere and it didn’t have lame music! The good music was upstairs..no wonder they woudn’t let us up there)
now i am back in school…i have another break in feburary (12-20)..i don’t think i am going anywhere..but if anyone wants to see lovely chicago…let me know! hope everyone had a great holiday season! you all better post soemthing soon!

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Excerpt From Shira’s Diary

March 18, 2002
Vestal, NY

“What a day! Went to The Rathskeller for the first time last night—SO much fun!! Every song great!! Danced until 3:30 AM. Slept until 2:30 PM…”

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