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Howdy chicas. Sooooo, Caitlin and Sam’s trip to Vegas was sooo much fun. I wish we could have spent even more time together, but I think we made the most of the time we did have! So much so that I only took one picture; it’sabsolutely heinous and there’s no way that anyone is EVER going to see it. (It was one of those we’ve-been-drinking-all-night-so-let’s-take-a-picture-of-ourselves photos).

We went to a couple of clubs, including Tangerine (which was incredibly lame) and Rain (which was hot and steamy. It was SO WONDERFUL to dance together again!!! I don’t know how much fun Samir had at the clubs as I think we only danced with him for like two songs the whole night! (Sorry if you felt left out Sam!) We ate and ate and ate out at a bunch of different restaurants and saw Zumanity— complete with raucous audience participation, lots of nudity, sexy gay kisses, and a flying midget! It was an extremely theraputic vacation for me anyways! We missed Dawn, who couldn’t make it (and I missed you again a couple weekends ago too!! Will we ever get to see each other again?!?!). Fue padre. (Which means it was an exceptionally wonderful few days. The bomb diggity if you will.)

In other news, I’m moving back to LeRoy on December 15th!! I know, can you believe it? I have to say, I really can not wait to get out of here. Vegas is a great city to visit, but not a great city to live in I’m afraid. I’ve gotten lots of great experience at work, so that part of being a Nevadan was great, but I’m excited to go back to NY where I belong. Then, sometime in April I’ll be moving to Italy!! HOTNESS.

Did any of you watch CSI: Las Vegas the other night? It was an extremely freaky, bloody, scary and realistic episode that dealt with this M-to-F (that’s the term they used for man-to-woman) who counsled people interested in getting a sex change on how to deal with that desire emotionally. Well, on the side she also performed illegal sex change operations (most unsuccessful and even fatal) in a remote storage facility that’s ON THE STREET I LIVE ON!!!!! HELLOW. Can we say nightmares for two days?!?! I THINK SO. Her husband also commited murders in the same storage facility, and I just have to say that I will not be walking down that part of the street anytime in the near future. I hate CSI:Las Vegas and I’m never going to watch it again. EVER.

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missing my ladies

hey ladies,

so sorry i havent written in a while. i HAVE kept update with everyones entry and have to say i am very proud of each of us. the other day i was organizing old pictures and sooooo many memories came flooding back. we did have some great times. some great times to look back on when my tired old butt comes home exhausted every night. if someone told me the real world was going to be this tiring, i would have made us all stay in binghamton forever. hee-hee….could you imagine what life would be like if we were still in bing….each of us would have a bar poll named after us……walmart would have probably named the beer area after us. tee-hee.

well keep up the good work everyone and i am waiting to hear about a shiny new addition.

fran xoxox

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Vegas Vacation

Well hello there ladies!
Where to start….hmm….vegas was such an awesome time!! Shira was a lovely host and tour guide! (although you would never know she lived there for 9 months based on the way she drives!) her restaurant is amazing and the food was soooooo good! however i only think i will buy her recommended cookbook if it means she will cook for me..we managed to go dancing both nights shira was off…and yes…us binghamton girls really showed vegas the correct way to dance….i had the bruises on my back to prove it! just imagine what we could have done had we all been there! me and sam actually came away winners at the slots as well…who knew a nickle could turn into more than a hundred bucks!
so now i am back in school which is going alright…it’s just really busy and so much to learn…but at least i am doing a lil more doctory stuff now so that is good…i am going home for thanksgiving and xmas so hopefully us western NY girls can get together!
and for those of you wondering….i didn’t get anything shiny for my bday…but sam is hinting that it won’t be that far off…as in within the next year…he says he just needs to get the ring and plan something romantic (i am guessing that translates into me actually having some time off..)..so i am getting rather excited about that possibility :)….so keep thinking shiny thoughts for me!
glad to hear everyone is doing well! i miss you all tons!

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(insert witty title here)

Ok, so here’s the scoop for any who are interested…
I’m still working at Eastern Mountain Sports, and I just got a second job as a peak-hours bank teller, I start training on wednesday. School is going well, I’ve started my pre-practicum which is just observing and interacting, not actually student teaching. I go to St. Thomas Elementary on Tuesdays and Thursdays and hang out with first graders. The kids are great, I’m trying really hard not to have favorites, and the teacher I’m working with is really terrific. So things are pretty busy. I have moved in with Jenny from work, I love my new apartment and my new roomie. My family is all doing great and things with Josh are pretty wonderful too. I miss you all ridiculous amounts, I love that we get to catch up with each other. I need to go and finish filling out the paper work for my new job, but I will hopefully be talking with you lovely ladies soon!

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Barenaked for the Holidays!

HEY EVERYBODY!!! I’m sorry I haven’t written in so long. I know you’re all dying to know what i’ve been up to :). I miss everyone!! I’m excited though because i’ve heard little bits and pieces from you all throughout the year that make me think everyone (maybe not caitlin K though :() is going to end up back in new york at some point anyway :-D. Well, a girl can hope anyway.

So, let’s see…what’s new. I got a promotion at work! I’m the new music manager so I get a little bit of a raise and i’m now in management there. I like it so far. It’s a little stressful because the people that are working with me have no idea what they’re doing and seem to be untrainable (ok, i’m exaggerating alittle). Otherwise, it’s great. Tom and I are doing great. (especially now that i make my own schedules :-D). I’m still not moving out…not enough of a raise to do that but i can’t wait (especially tonight :)). Other than that i’ve just been hanging out. I now have work friends, which is cool. Oh…i have a reading and a music suggestion for you all. First, A Home at the End of the World by Michael Cunningham (author who wrote the Hours). The book is absolutely amazing. One of the best books I’ve ever read. I can’t even describe it to you, you just have to read it. I have no doubt that you will all love it. And after you’re doing reading it you can see the movie. It’s really very well done…follows the book pretty closely and Colin Ferrel is in it. Forgetting that he’s gorgeous, he really does an amazing job with the character he plays. It’s exactly how i pictured his character to be. Oh, and my music suggestion…Barenaked Ladies, Barenaked for the Holidays. It’s hysterical and also nice to listen to :).
My sister is coming home the weekend before thanksgiving so I’m excited about that :). We’re having thanksgiving a week early this year. And, i think that’s about it. I’m sure after i post this i’ll think of a million more things. I’m sorry i haven’t posted in so long but i really do miss all of you so much. I hope you’re all doing great!!!

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Catch Up!

Hallooo!! I hope everyone is well (and still checking the website and planning on posting cause I need to live vicariously through all of you exciting ladies!). I don’t remember what happened for Halloween last year either…but this year I went as Jem! Do any of you remember Jem and the Holograms? The cartoon? I had temporary pink hair and was an 80s glam rocker girl! New York City is like a circus on acid on Halloween. A little kooky, but nothing us kooky Caitlins can’t handle right?! Dawn, I hope all is okay with you, I know your man had to go to Guam – I’m thinking of you! Its late and I can’t sleep so I am writing to you all! Shira and Caitlin – shall we say a reunion over Thanksgiving? – holla back!!!!!! To the rest of you ladies, when am I going to get to take you around the big apple? I miss you guys.

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