New and Improved

mini_pumpkins.jpgHappy Halloween everyone! Well, almost Happy Halloween. Is anyone dressing up this year? I’m trying to remember what we did for Halloween senior year of college, and don’t have the slightest clue! What did we do!?!? Did we go out? Did we carve pumpkins? Did we get dressed up? OMG. I think I have Alzheimers. Please someone! What did we do!?

*Losing my mind*

You may have noticed some weird things going on with the website in the past weeks, but everything should be fixed now, so let me know if you have problems logging in or trouble doing anything else.

Caitlin and Dawn are coming to visit this week, and I just wish that you all could be here!! Someday we’ll be reunited again! I can’t wait! We’re going to see Zumanity, eat at some exciting restaurants (including mine), do some Vegas sightseeing, probably do some imbibing of beverages, relax, and catch up on everything we haven’t caught up on! If only we could get someone (Sam…?) to follow us around with a camcorder the whole time and live stream it to you through the web!!! We’ll at least have to take lots of pictures.

There’s so much going on in my life right now! The biggest and most exciting thing is that I’m MOVING TO ITALY!!! AIAEIAAI!!! In the Spring to work with LaVitaVeraItalia in their new hotel/restaurant. You can imagine how excited I am. I’m learning how to speak and write and understand Italian and studying the culture, wine, and food of Piemonte everyday! I can’t wait to go! I can’t wait to get out of Vegas!! I will be sorry to leave Bouchon, because it’s just a wonderful place to work, but the desert is just not for me. Adios Mojave. I’m going to move home for a little while to save up money before I leave, but I’m not exactly sure when I’m leaving yet.

I guess that’s all for now. If you get a chance, could everyone try and post just a little entry sometime this week so we can make sure everything is working properly? Thanks!!! Miss you all desperately and talk to you soon!

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Washing Dishes in the Engineering Building

gossip.gifHi Ladies! I was looking for some pictures of us that I hadn’t posted already, and really there aren’t any left!! So, you all need to come to the sinful city in a few weeks with Caitlin and Dawn, if only for the sake of new photo material!! Hellow! Here’s what I unearthed (if this doesn’t convince you that we need new photos on the fly, I don’t know what will!): Everyone’s favorite converted parking garage; remember when Jen was in that beauty pageant? Three cheers for all the fun we had in G1’s kitchen! Does anyone have any digital pics of our graduation photo shoot? I haven’t seen any of those and would love to have one!

I was thinking that doing some volunteer work at our alma mater might help us reconnect with some other great alumni that we’ve lost touch with. What do you think? We can all go back to our high schools and man tables at the career fairs; tell everyone how great BU is and what wonderful experiences we had there…I think it would be a very enriching experience, and there are over 1200 active alumni members in the volunteer program already! Think of all the new friends we could meet! Ding! hahahah. (just kidding, guys.)

What’s new in my life? Hmm…the weather here is starting to get really nice! It’s usually in the eighties during the day and cools down to the upper sixties at night. Ding! Definitely a big improvement from the hundred-and-twelve-degree days we’ve been having for the past four months. I can’t believe I’ve been here for almost six months already! It just doesn’t feel like a home in the desert. I love my job, but the city and lack of support group here are just not good for me… I’m looking forward to moving back east as soon as possible.

I’m also looking forward to my girls’ upcoming visit!!! Wahoo!!!! What do you all want to do while you’re here? (and since Caitlin L. is the only one who said she couldn’t come so far, I’m assuming the rest of you will be here with bells on!!!!!) I can’t wait!!

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Glam Gal

Halllooo everyone!! Its been a while, so its time to catch up. Let’s see… so Luis and I are now just friends and he left for Madrid a week ago today. So that sucks big time, but I’m okay. Frances and Jen are keeping me entertained and bringing back the Binghamton love baby! I’m sad, but me and Luis are talking and stuff so it could be worse. So the best thing so far to report is that you all may see me in the January issue of Glamour magazine! I got picked along with another girl to be in a makeover article! Not very flattering for the previous “look” but that’s okay. So now I have bangs and redder hair! David Evangelista, Rosie’s hairstylist for her show, did my hair!! I got my makeup done really glamorous and they took pictures!! I didn’t get any free stuff which I thought was going to be the best part. Free stuff rules!! I looked into the possibility of the Vegas trip, but I don’t have enough vacation days at work to do it. I am SO JEALOUS. Jealous!!!!! Send me pictures and please tell me all about it! I miss you all ladies so so so so much.

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Hey girls….so me and Sam are planning on flying to see shira and dawn in vegas…we are going nov 2nd (a tues) thrus nov 7th (a sunday)…you all should see if you can swing it…bout time for a reunion!! just think of all the trouble us binghamton girls could get into in vegas!!

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