Summer in Vegas

pinklr.jpgI’ve got a box of wine, anyone up for going out tonight? Placido Calypso Flamingo misses you guys. I just booked a ticket home for the first weekend in August–yay! Sorry I’m going to miss out on the NYC reunion though! Shucks. You’ll have to have drinks for all of us who won’t be there. Are you all having fabulous summers?

Vegas is still great (except for the weather, which is heinous, but I suppose it could be worse, somehow…)! I just got a raise at work and am switching to a different shift (no more 3AM wake-up call: YIPPEEE!!). The new schedule does involve some weird hours though, two nights of 9pm-5am and the rest of 4:30pm-12:30am. The overnight one is a little tricky, but it’s nice to see something new. This schedule is only temporary, I’ll actually be starting to work normalish daytime hours in a week or two.

Starting to feel settled in here. I’ve been going out with people from work and even on a few dates (imagine that!), so Vegas is starting to feel a bit more familiar. I don’t think it will ever feel homey, it just doesn’t have that…feel, but at least it’s not so lonely anymore, ding!

I’m looking forward with extreme excitement to my weekend back on the East coast. Phoebe will be home that weekend too (that was her new baby on the main blog page the other day), as well as our foreign exchange student from Venezuela–so it should be one giant party. I can’t wait to see everyone and be cold again!!

Monsoon season has started here, which means it rains for 5 minutes every other day and feels exactly like a greenhouse outside. It was so exciting when the first rains came. I was driving home from work and it started pouring all of a sudden. I opened the window to see if it was real (unfortunately at the same time the truck next to me drove through a huge puddle) and got completely soaked. But it was nice to feel and smell water for a change! The temperatures are starting to shoot up–105 highs everyday this week, and it always reaches the high. At night it gets down to about 85.

I learned how to play black jack at a real casino card table last week! Woohoo! And while playing wheel of fortune nickel slots I won $34! I’m starting to learn where all the best places to go are, so I feel it’s time for you guys to come visit. There are so many amazing clubs here–the clubs we fantasized about in Binghamton!! The other nice thing is that it’s always Ladies’ Night in Vegas! Hellow, ding!!

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Stupid taxes

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. It has been about 3 weeks since I have returned back to NYC. Living at home hasn’t been as bad as I thought. I think I am just about unpacked and organized. Been working for like 2 weeks and love my job. I am working as a preschool teacher at a Montessori School on the Upper West Side. The kids are so cute. The other day, I had a small hole in my pants, this kid notices it and goes “Your pants are broken”. It is definately interesting seeing the world in a young child’s eyes. If I had a dollar for every “He pushed me” or “She won’t let me play”, I would be a millionare! But…….. I love it, so thats all that matters. What I dont love is having about half my paycheck go to taxes!! Why the heck do I have to pay social security NOW?!?! It is so cool……..Judge Judy’s grandson is in my class. She actually came to pick him up the other day. I think thats one of the few famous people I have met in my life. I have got this job until the end of the summer, so will have to be saving EVERY penny until I find out what I am doing with my life. What I would do right now to turn back the clock a few years to when we were all chilling in Bingoland! I know the best reunion…………a Thursday night at the RAT!! 🙂 There are some poles waiting with our names on it!! Speaking of poles…….there better be some pole dancing when Caitlin K. hits NYC at the end of the month. Funny thing….I was walking home from work and ran into Sam. Small world! Well thats about all! Good luck everyone. XOXOXOX

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1 1/2 mos. I can now spell Massachusetts

First off, Congratulations Jess!! I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it, emergencies do end up happening at the most inconvienient times. No worries though, everything has been straightened out, everyone is fine. Things here in Massachusetts at going ok. nothing stellar, but nothing too too terrible either. My summer session ends this week, I have my last Multiculural Ed. class tomorrow (I should be writing my final paper right now, but I’m writing to you guys instead), and then I have my last day of Intro. to Spec. Ed. on thursday (again, probably work I could be doing, but…). The classes didn’t seem too bad, I’m a little worried that this is not what I really want to do, but then, sometimes it just feels right, so I don’t know. I guess I’m wishing that I had some burning passion for a career, but that just hasn’t happened, at least not yet.
I have decided that my living situtation is not really all that I was hoping for, but I can deal until I find something better. It’s not just that I have been living on my own for so long (although I’ll admit that’s probably part of it), but since I’m renting a room in Pam’s townhouse, the communal space isn’t REALLY communal. I’m not really comfortable hanging out in the rest of the house, which kind of sucks. so, I’m thinking of maybe looking into a place with a person from work, or maybe another student. I think it needs to be more on the same level. Plus, the woman whose name the place is in, Pam, is gross. There was a pile of dirt under the dining room table for abount 10 days, and for almost a week of that time, there was a brand new vaccum in an unopened box not three feet from the pile of dirt!! and I keep going to grab a dish or a utensil in the kitchen, and there is “stuff” stuck to them. now, I hate to do the dishes, but when I do them, they are at least CLEAN!
and finally, on the boy front: there is a guy from Binghamton, Scott, who I hear from sporadically and only if I keep making an effort, so I don’t really think it’s worth it. He’s a nice guy, but I met him 2 days before I left… Then there is Brian. he works at EMS with me, he’s really interesting, and smart (finishing up his graduate thesis and applying for med school), and cute, and funny, and just really really great. HOWEVER, I am a terrible and horrible person for liking him because he (a) has a girlfriend, and (b) is one of my supervisors at work. if I ever went for him, I’m pretty sure Satan would visit me and hand me a VIP pass to hell. what’s worse though, is that I contemplate things, like the fact that his girlfriend is moving to Arizona for 5 years in aboutn two weeks, and the fact that people have been known to lie about relationships at work before… see? it’s just plain not smart. so I have to be satisfied with just having a huge and innappropriate crush (I have to be.) Finally, there is Josh. not my Josh who used to live in Binghamton and some of you guys met, but a new guy that I just met through my sister and Matt. They have been friends for a while, I met him at a party on saturday night, and I just sent him an email a little while ago asking him if he would like to go see Spiderman 2 with me. I’m rather nervous about such a bold and daring move from me, but as you guys can see, I think I need to try something. so we’ll see.
I guess that’s about it. I’m hoping that I can find out details about the mini-reunion going on in NYC, and hopefully I will be able to catch up with some of my girls!! Happy upcoming Birthday to Dawn-the-girl (I don’t think I missed it yet, but I really stink at remembering birthdays) and hello to everybody else. I love reading moltenchocolate and seeing what Shira is up to, have I mentioned how proud I am of you, by the way? and wowsers, that was QUITE the colossally bad camping experience, I can’t wait to come visit out west! hee hee. ok, love to everyone and hope things are going well.

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Hot Child in the City

Halloo Laaaddies!! I am just getting excited about Caitlin coming to NYC and having a mini-reunion! I would also like to second Jen by saying that Jess looked beautiful at the wedding – like a princess! Things in NYC are fine, Luis is back and I’m loving it. He just finished working on a Diet Coke Lime commercial! Work is okay, although there always seem to one bitch in the bunch wherever one ends up working. If you see me on the news cause I’m being arrested for a cruel and unusual crime, its all this girl’s fault. But don’t worry – I give her plenty of Caitlin attitude. What what! I wonder who’s birthday is coming up?!! Dawn I hope you are doing really well out there! I read the Key Trilogy from Nora Roberts – the best guilty pleasure, yum. Other than that, I’m thinking about calligraphy classes and starting to study for the GMAT (business school SATs). I’m hoping for a reunion soon since its been a year since I’ve seen some of you and I miss you all!

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