Call me crazy…

Hello there ladies… random info for you all… there are places to hang glide and sky dive near my house… i did some research on them and the cost is $125 for hang gliding and $185 for sky diving… now they don’t just throw u out of a plane or anything like that… i think it’s called tandem jumps which really means that they strap you to someone who knows what they’re doing and you go down with them… so, if this insane idea interests anyone let me know! I’d like to do one of the two things at some point this summer…

i’ll give you all an update on me later on… take care!

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I hope everyone is doing well. Sorry i haven’t made an entry in a while. No excuses. With Jess’ permission i want to put some of the pictures from her wedding on here but I don’t have the pictures yet because Eckerd pissed me off :-D. The wedding was so much fun though. Jess looked so beautiful and it was the perfect day. Everything was just so pretty and everyone was up and dancing. I don’t know about everyone else but i had a great time. Thanks for inviting us jess!!!! and CONGRATULATIONS!!.

I’m having a good summer so far. My parents just bought a boat so I’ve been hanging out with them and their friends on the boat a little and having a great time. I also just bought a kayak and i’m having a lot of fun with that too.

I’m also very excited because i have my plane tickets for california!!!! I’m going the second week in august to visit my sister and dawn (hopefully). My sister is talking about getting a rotweiler (don’t know how to spell it…you know, the scary dogs) though and i am NOT sleeping on the floor with that kind of dog in the apartment. I don’t think she’ll get one though. She’s doing really well…likes her job. Ryan got a job in his field finally so he’s happy.

Tom is also doing well. He’s working at barnes and noble now and waiting to hear from US customs. He did really well on the test so once their hiring freeze is over, hopefully he’ll hear something. I’m still working at barnes and noble but i’m thinking of applying to be a flight attendant. I just thought that wouild be an interesting job. I love it at barnes and noble though. Oh, and don’t buy the clinton book, i heard it was boring, and it’s 900 pages.

what else what else…I don’t know. I miss you guys so much. I watch reruns of dawsons creek and think of you all everytime. Caitlin K, congratulations on finishing school for this year. I’ll be around when you’ll be in new york city. Let me know what day you think you’ll be free and i’ll take it off from work (try to let me know like 3 weeks before :)). And tell sam i hope his hand feels better. Shira! Las Vegas! I want to come visit you! I hope you’re having a fabulous time. (usually i try and stay away from this shout out thing, but the mood struck me tonight). Jess…well, you’re too busy being a newlywed so you won’t see this anyway, but congratulations again :). Nicole, i hope everything is going well in MA…and i hope everything is ok, i heard there was some sort of family emergency last weekend. Laura…i keep thinking about hang gliding…i still dont’ think i could do it, but we’ll see :). Dawn! Miss you! I hope you got my message about Thomas Kindkade. He looked a lot different than i thought he would. Young and kind of chubby. I pictured a fragile old man i think. I can’t wait to see you in August!!!!! Caitlin, Frances, I just saw you and i’m going to see you like 200 times this summer, which, by the way, i am so excited about :). Thank you again caitlin for letting us stay with you! (Tom and I realized that we forgot to make the bed monday morning, sorry). I feel like an actress accepting an award and i’m afraid i’ve forgotten someone. But i’m tired now and want to go to bed so i’m just going to say goodnight. Hugs for everone!!!

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Fun With Coffee

Remember our coffee house outings, Ladies? I found these pictures from one of our first java trips in Binghamton tonight and knew you would appreciate having them plastered all over the internet. (hahaha–aren’t they heinous? I think we only went for coffee after hours of prisonish study sessions.) Did any of us ever order regular coffee on these trips? I don’t think so…it was always Snickers Mocha Special, Thin Mint Macchiato, or some other scrumpscious candy bar-oriented drink.
Here’s Dawn driving us there and waving at the same time! Isn’t she talented. What was that game we played every time we went? The one with the categories and you had to shout out things that were in that category…Scattergories was it?

We had so much fun trying to get the self-timer on the camera to work! hand.jpg Where would the world be without self-timers?


Life in Las Vegas is good, if a little lonely. But there’s only a little over four and a half months until Thanksgiving, which I’m definitely hoping to go home for. So Ding! I’m starting to go out into the world and do things with other people too, so that’s a major improvement! Though a hermit’s life isn’t so bad either–at least you can do whatever you want with your free time! It looks like I’ll be having Thursdays and Fridays off from now on, so that’s a plus.

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Coming to a town near you?!?!?

Hey girls!! sorry i haven’t posted in a bit….but this time its not because i have been too busy…i have been done with school now for about a month and i am loving it!!! i have been living down at sam’s and we have just been relaxing….taking lots of long walks and playing tennis and reading and eating out and drinking….he finally gradautes this weekend and then we are flying home to warsaw on july 1st….then i will be coming back here at then end of july…but before school starts i am planning a lil trip to NYC!!!! the dates are going to be July 29th thru Aug 1st!! so let me know which one of you fine city ladies will want to get together…i’ll be staying at the place sam’s job is putting him up…its right downtown i believe….but i’ll have plenty of time to see all of you ladies!! i can’t wait!!

i do have some sad news…my puppy died on the 4th…he had cancer and i guess his amputation didn’t catch it all…but thankfully he was healthy after the surgery right up until the day he passed…but don’t worry about me…i am coping pretty well….but i do miss my zeusy

anyways….i hope all of you are doing well…and that those of you going to jess’s wedding give her a hug for me and enjoy it and take lots of pictures…and then show them to me when we meet up in new york!!

oh and in other random news….sam broke his hand…doing tae kown doe….the day before he got his black belt….so he was upset about that…but let me tell you…but he gets the cast of in a few more weeks…which is good…cuz its hard to romance a guy in a cast 😉

well talk to you girls later…and hopefully see some of you soon!! miss you all tons!

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New Pictures

See pictures of my trip cross-country last summer:

Roadtrip USA

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Geez…two years later

I know it’s practically June 2004, but here are the pictures from Kwahanamas 2002. Geez that was a long time ago. Do you guys even remember this party?! 🙂

What’s new with everyone?!! Nicole–how’s Massachussettes? Frances–are you back in New York? Caitlin K–are you full swing into your summer vaca? Caitlin L–what’s upppppp?!?! Jen, Laura, Jess, Christina–everybody, what’s new in your lives?!?!

Las Vegas is fabulous! I almost got to go to the Madonna concert last night, but tickets (last minute) were $256, so I’m hoping she’ll come back sometime and I can get advance tickets. I love my job and my apartment and just living in my own place/doing my own thing FINALLY. I wish you guys were here!! Hello! When are you coming to visit!!! I haven’t actually made any new friends yet, but…yeah I’m sure I will eventually. The people at work are all very friendly, but no one seems interested in doing anything outside of work. (Okay, well there’s one guy, Dennis, who is very interested in doing something outside of work, but NO THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I’m telling you. We all know the rant about harmless-weirdo-but-stalker-types. Ugh!) I’m starting to get a little antsy and think I need to find dance lessons or something else to do with my free time. My job is great because I don’t have to think about it at all when I’m not there! Very different from what I’m used to. And can we say “zero stress”? Yes, we can. I even get most weekends off (optimal for all of your upcoming visits!!). Anyways, maybe I should get a second job to fill up this void. But, if some girls I went to college with were planning trips to come see me soon, then I wouldn’t have to do that, because I could just spend my time planning fun things to see and do with them in Vegaaaaaaaaahs. Hint, hint. Miss you all tons!!!!! xooxxoxox

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