Hi everyone! I have been terrible about posting, I’m sorry. I’ve been missing you guys so much lately! Things here are really good. I’m still with the same boy, and I enjoy him a great deal. My mom and her boyfriend came out to visit a week ago, which was awesome. And the weather is actually starting to get hot! We’ve been going to the beach lately…gotta love it. I love hearing updates on how you guys are doing. Can I just tell you all that I haven’t seen Friends in weeks?? Thursday nights just aren’t the same! I would do anything for a night of TV, junk food, and boxed wine with you ladies! Anyway, I love you and miss you all!

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I know I haven’t been keeping up – I apologize! I only have e-mail access at work, and am not sure if they check up on where I go online. Anyways, life in the Big City has been fine, even if I have been a little bit of a hermit. Unfortunately Luis has gone back to the DR without a return ticket and is thinking of going to London from there, leaving our relationship in a weird spot. Since jetblue is going to start flying there, though, I’ll be on the first plane out of New York to Luis’ hometown. Anyone want to go to a resort? I hear they are cheap and all-inclusive. I bet Luis has a hot friend or two… In the meantime, I am going to get a $5 manicure and a box of wine and toast to you ladies!!

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California and a Puppy

Well hello ladies!!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post some info on my wonderful trip to Cali to see Dawn, but things have been a bit hectic here. I wish I could just go back to exciting San Diego!! Me and Sam just had a wonderful trip. Dawn is an excellent host, even though I warn you: if your liver hasn’t been in the same training as the undergrad days, you may have a hard time keeping up with the Navy folks!! I managed to do alright, and I think my liver really enjoyed the work out!! Dawn tooks us to the San Diego zoo, and to Tijauano to see some fine mexican night life(our first time walking across a border!!!)…I also got to meet the new man in her life, who i think we would all approve of 🙂

Me and Sam did do a bit of exploring on our own in Cali, we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway a bit. We got to see a sunset on a private beach in Malibu, and we spent a few days in Santa Barbara….While in Santa Barbara we went wine tasting…this is a great way to get drunk!! and we also went horseback riding in the mountains of Santa Barbara…we were the only riders on the trial…except our guide..who was from long island but pretended he had a cowboy accent…strange eh?…the weather was kinda disappointing…we only got one really sunny day…the rest were kinda rainy and overcast…but it was till warmer then chicago…….all in all it was a great trip and i suggest we all rendez-vous out there sometime soon 🙂

in other news…my poor puppy zeusy was diagnoised with bone cancer :(…they had to amputate one of his legs last week….he is recovering alright, but we have to wait to see how bad the cancer is to see what his long term outlook is..so needless to say i am a little sad about that…you wont find another girl who loves her puppy as much as myself…..he is even cuter than sam!!…

well this is getting long so i will say adieu…sam says hello to everyone too! I miss you guys!!!

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