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Hey Ladies,

I was going through symptoms of severe withdrawal when our website was down. But after a significant amount of ice cream, I think I am safe and sound. School is going great! It is amazing watching the tiniest improvements in my kids. One of my kids is 17 month old and was born 3.5 months premature. I almost cried when he started walking the other day. A few of them are started to talk and attempt to say my name. It kind of resembles the noises Tipsy Franny use to make, but thats still good enough!! Have had 2 interviews for possible internships next year, where I will be able to do much more and have it work towards my School Psychology certification. So close to the first paycheck, I can almost smell it! Besides that, nothing else really going on. My roommates and I went out the other night and this guy gave me a very creative pick up line “Are you here alone? Cause if you’re not, I’ll leave.” If he stood on his tippie toes he would reach my boobs. Speaking of boobs, Caitlin K. you have to go on the road and teach ladies how to become one with their boobs. Every woman needs to grab their boob every now and then! hee-hee:)
Now for some shout outs:

Jen – What are we gonna do for your birthday? I am actually going to be home for that week! You should come to the city, so I can booze ya up!
Caitlin L. – Hows the new job? You have officially become part of the NYC ustle and bustle. Aint it a great feeling!?!?
Dawn – Hey lady!! Where you at? I have been hearing about all these new boys. I think of you every time I watch Real World – San Diego.
Caitlin K. – Think about the boob idea. Forget medical school and begin traveling the world becoming a motivational speak for women who need to GRAB THEIR BOOBS!
Shira – I WANT YUMMY CHOCOLATE CAKE!! Oh, I got a career for you too! Develop a website online that sells your pastries and advertise to graduate students who NEED their choclate fix. Given that I came up with the idea, 10% of the profits will accepted.
Jess-Hows’ the wedding plans and job going?
Nicole – Did you get the email I sent you? I am so glad to hear that you are thinking if moving to the lovely state of MA. I could ACTUALLY have one of my ladies REALLY close!! 🙂
Laura – Sorry to hear about your patient. Being that you are at the NICU, you have probably heard about Early Intervention. I am attempting to find a job this summer doing Early Intervention stuff in a nyc hosptia. Would you know of any specific place to good? I was going to check Children’s Hospital.

Love and Misses to Everyone!

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cabin fever

oh my god I miss you guys so much. I’m telling you, it’s going to be dangerous to have the internet here at the office, I almost burst into tears everytime I read what you guys are up to! by the way, I am a terrible friend and have forgotten tons – o – birthdays, so don’t be surprised if I just start sending random birthday packages (provided I get everyone’s address).

I am suffering from MAJOR cabin fever here in bingo. We have been having ridiculous amounts of snow storms, but there’s no such thing as snow days for me, and it’s just so stupid cold that it’s hard to convince anyone to do anything. this time last year I was getting all excited about going to california, and this year I have no time or money to go anywhere. I can’t even think about going away for a weekend without feeling guilty, so I haven’t run away to my sister’s recently or anything. I miss you guys so much! I want more than anything to go on a big round of visits and see you all.

sorry, enough whining. (not that you guys aren’t used to it) things here otherwise are going well. my Patriots won the superbowl (Frances, it makes me so happy to have you cheering for my teams, hee hee. I think Boston was a good choice) and although I missed Janet’s exposure, my friends had decided that superbowl sunday was the perfect time for me to see my first porn, so I saw some boobs anyway. it was a little ridiculous, and a couple of people were upset when I made them turn it off so we could watch the second half of the game.

work at Marchuska Brothers is going well, there’s actually been stuff to do lately, so I don’t get as bored (my spider solitare play has gone way down). EMS has really slowed down since the holidays are over, but it’s nice to have something to do and I still really like the people I work with. and a ton of the customers are really cool too, so it’s working out really well. I sent out my application to Springfield College, I’m getting my transcripts sent this week, and I am sending out my other two applications soon. my mom asked me if I had a plan incase I don’t get accepted to school, and I said no. her comment was “hmmm, you may want to do that.” hee hee. I’m thinking I’ll go to western mass wether I’m in school or not. it’s time to blow this popsicle stand, and as exciting as traveling far away is, I’m a wuss and can’t be that far from my family.

on the boy front, I guess the proper term is that I’m “seeing” Craig. I mean, I call him, he calls me, we hang out, we make out, etc etc. but nothing is official, so on my mega-emotional days and such I freak-out and wonder if I’m going to hear from him again. truth be told, I’m afraid that I’m going to jinx it if I start acting and talking like it’s a real thing when we haven’t had the “so what is this” conversation. last saturday when I was hanging out with him, his friend Sav was talking about this girl that he’s hooked up with a couple of times and asked me, “why is it that girls always need to define everything?” I told him that it was just the way they work, they have to define it so they know what to expect and how things are going. Craig wasn’t in the room, but I think I gave the impression to Sav that I wasn’t all about that. so now I’m a little nervous to have the conversation, and I understand how annoying a talk it is for guys (my boys have bitched about it often) but… I’m a girl and I want to know.

ok, I think that’s about it in my world, and this is really long. I miss you all and I love you all. I’m going to try to send emails to eveyone in the next day or so so I can say a more personal hello. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo (one for everyone)

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Hello Ladies :-)

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I haven’t been on here in ages and had to do a lot of catch up reading! Life has been busy for me with work and life in general. You know your getting old when you have to get life insurance (oh jeez!). Had some sad news in world recently… my uncle passed away sorta suddenly and the wake/funeral was on superbowel sunday… so needless to say, it was not nearly as fun as last year… additionally i had my first patient die on me… she was a DNR and it was very hard on me… but the first one is always the hardest everyone at work says… everyone was very helpful with the whole thing. (sorry to bum u guys out with the news – but wanted to get it off of my chest a little)

On a happier note, i may be attending a neontal conference at the end of april and guess where it will be????? In San Franscisco!! woo hoo! never been there ever in my life! and i know it’s like 11 hours from san diego but it’s close to the nappa valley, so maybe i can see u shira!!! and you too dawn (if we can work something out) the conference is from the 22-24th of april and then i’m on vacation so i was gonna stay down there for a few more days… shira and dawn, let me know your thoughts… i’m gonna be like a fish out of water out there but if i get the approval to attend the conference it should be an exciting journey to say the least…

Alright, sorry so long. A little note to each of you and then i’m done…
Caitlin kelly – good luck w/ finals!! enjoy your trip to cali!!
Shira – hope school is treating you well!
Dawn – hows the new place??
Jen – how’s the job treating you?
Frances – good luck w/ this semester!
Caitlin L – how’s the new job is the city going? it sounds absolutly perfect for you!
Nicole – seems that things are going well for you in bing! i’ll give you a call when and if i get up there for a visit soon.

I miss everybody! Please drop a line or give me a call anytime! Cya!
~laura 🙂

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Flashers and Finals

So did everyone see Janet’s boobie?!?! I dont’ really understand why it is such a big deal..i mean lil Kim shows more then that everytime she is on an awards show…but i guess she doesn’t have justin rip her cloths off…who knows…

things here are alright…i am in the midst of finals again so i am slowly going crazy…but after this i am heading off to san diego to see shira and dawn!!! i am soooo excited…sam is tagging along to take our pictures and make sure we never run out of drinks..and to drag me back on the plane when its time to leave…i wish we all could meet up there!!

speaking of which…practically all of sam’s friends are staying in the same city (chicago)..after they graduate. Why didn’t we do this!?!?!?!? i really think we should have planned this out better…but seems we didn’t i guess you all can just move here and we can all live in my one room apartment and dance for a living…kinda like janet does 🙂

well i gotta get back to studying..miss you all tons!!

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