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hey ladies,

just wanted to say hello and send my love to everyone. the spring semester has been underway for a few weeks now. they definately work ya from the beginning!! classes and internship are going well, its amazing how much i am learning. (I BETTER BE FOR THIS PRICE!!) the sub-freezing temperatures in boston are manageable. you tend to get use to the frost bites and not being able to feel your toes. not much going on for the boy scene. been going out here and there, and actually starting to learn the art of “classy drinking”. every time i see or hear something about the superbowl, i so miss our party last year!! we’ll all be together in spirt this year. GO NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS! hows the new job going, caitlin? hopefully you and jen will be able to visit me sometime this semester! the invite doesn’t only apply to them, i definately would love to see the rest of you!

hugs and kisses!

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Halllooooo!! So guess what – I got a job!!!! As of Monday I will be Gainfully Employed!!! I don’t know what gainfully does to the employed part, but it looks fun. So I will be an administrative assistant at The Frick Collection in Manhattan – on Fifth Ave.!!! Its a medium sized museum in a big old turn of the century mansion. Can we say Dream Job? Holla back!! Mr. Frick was a guy who made a gazillion dollars in steel during the railroad building thing, so he moved to New York, built a fab house, died and they made it a museum. Anyway, who cares – I have a salary!! Although quite small, I’ll be excited to go to work, which is worth much more. What a break – I got really lucky because I dropped my resume off there and they happened to need an administrative assistant and hadn’t posted the position yet – otherwise I probably wouldn’t have the job due to outrageous competition. But here I am!! yay!! Happy Belated Birthday Shira, your goodies will arrive as soon as I can pull them together. THANK YOU THANK YOU to all you ladies who sent letters recently, they really made my month!! (Caitlin I loved the pics!!) Happy Birthday to Jess – did you get my message?? Love and miss you all TREMENDOUSLY!

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Hello Ladies!

Well I am glad to hear that everyone had a enjoyable holiday season!! I spent 10 days at home and it was nice and relaxing…found out my brother, Devon, is going to go to southern France this spring for a semester abroad..he is going to be living basically on the Mediterrean Sea..words can’t exactly express how jealous i am of that…but maybe i’ll try and visit him when i finsh up school in may cuz he stays till june…maybe we should have a reunion in france?? the wine is cheaper over there!
I spent the rest of my break back here in Chicago with Sam…we went out to a really cool club for New Year’s Eve….it had open bar till midnight and free champagne toast and all that..two floors of dancing….it was really fun…i wish we had these nice, posh clubs in Binghamton….its hard to imagine that a place like the Rat was the coolest place during our college years…if we had clubs like they have here i think we could have perfected the pole dance even more!!!
now i am back in class…i have a few new classes due to the fact that i finally finished anatomy (no more dead people!!!!)…one of my new classes is biochem!! which some of you may remember me taking last year and hating every minute of it..but i am keeping my fingers crossed that taking it last year will help this year…my other new classes is intro to clinical medicine..which is when i might actually start learning how to do real doctor things!!….other than that things here are pretty much the same…study lots and see sam on the weekends…he is doing well and i am supposed to let you know that he says “hi” to everyone…hopefully we will both be seeing the two california girls in about a month or so!! (i am planning a trip to go to cali over my feburary break!!)..well anywho, i better get to the gym and work off some of this xmas break padding!! i miss you guys!!!

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Hi everybody!!!! It’s been so long since i posted i think. I don’t remember and i didn’t look at the website before i posted so if i miss something that’s why. I hope everyone is doing well and had a great christmas/the jewish holiday that i can never spell and will feel stupid if i spell it wrong but you guys know what i mean, and new year. My new years eve was quiet. My parents were in california so i invited a few friends over (two) and tom but things didn’t really work out and got jumbled and i was kind of sick anyway so it just ended up being me and tom. It was nice though :). And my sister was here for christmas which i loved. I miss her so much. I want to go to california. I might be soon, but i don’t know how soon. What else… I’m working at barnes and noble now. I just became a full time lead cashier. It’s not much money but i’ll get benefits in two months and frankly, i love it. I’m happy when i get home from work and happy at work. the people i work with are awesome and i get to talk to people about books all day. What more can a girl ask for. I don’t know if it’s because of this job or not, but i’ve been reading like a madman. I’m going to start a website in the next couple of weeks for like book stuff, reviews, forums, things like that i guess. I thought it would be fun, i’ll keep you posted. Dawn…did you read the new nora roberts trilogy…if you didn’t, and everyone else, you really should, it’s great. And now i’m reading the lady and the unicorn…oh, and i just finished this book called boy meets boy…it turns out it’s a young adult book (didn’t realize it when i read it) but it’s so incredibly written…it’s beautiful and so interesting the way he treats high school transgender…people. hehehe, ok, i’m gonna stop being a geek now. Let’s see…i went to a bar the other night with theresa and her friends rob and chris and craig and there was a billy joel cover band playing. I had such a great time singing along and drinking…a lot :-D. It was fun. Tom actually just got a job as an assistant text book manager in the barnes and noble in staten island, coincidentally. He’s excited about it, it’s a better chance for growth for him than cvs. I’m excited too cause it’s barnes and noble :-D. Ok, i fear this has become really long and i’m boring you all so i’m going to say goodbye for now. I miss you all so much!!! Happy new year 🙂

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Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! I hope you guys all had great holidays, and Jess I hope you had a great birthday! Things are going really well here. Work is going good, I don’t feel lik ena idiot ALL the time now, which is a plus! I met this great group of girls out here that I hang out with all the time, and I think one of the reasons I love them so much is because they remind me so much of your guys. They are really laid back and fun to be around…it’s not making me miss you guys any less though unfortunately! I’m moving out of my townhouse and into an apartment of my own on Saturday…I’m excited, but kind of nervous, I’ve never lived on my own before. (Feel like moving to Cali Jen???) I think I may end up going broke because of it though because one of my friends brought me to Ikea the yesterday. Oh my goodness, that is one of the best places ever. Not looking good for my bank account. I just started seeing this guy from work…he’s such a cutie, and he has one of those bodies that make me feel completely disgusting, but I’m not complaining! We’re keeping it casual though, because he’s moving in April, so getting attached is not really a good thing. I think that’s about all thenews with me…and you guys thought you were going to escape my long rambles when we graduated…sucks for you! I miss you all so much, and I hope everyone is doing well! I’m going to make an attempt to call all of you within the next couple of weeks, so hopefully I will talk to you all soon! Love you guys!

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