Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays to everyone!! I hope they have all been going well. I went down to my dad’s last weekend for christmas with them, and my brother and sister were able to go down at the same time. and my step family was actually nice!! jenn says it helps to be drinking, which I will remember for the next time, when it’s not just a day trip. christmas with mom, bob, and chris was great, and I hope everyone else had merry christmases and happy hanukahs!!!

as for new years, I doubt that I can top last year, but I am making an effort to not be home on my own. I’ll probably end up visiting my sister as long as I can get away from EMS. that job is going really well by the way, lots of fun people, and extra paychecks are verrrry nice.
I have a goal to actually get some stuff out in the mail and some phone calls made about grad school before the year is over, so hopefully I will get off my butt and do some this week. I just need to be on my out of bingo, as I’m sure you guys all know and understand.

well, it seems like everytime I write I’m giving you guys ridiculous boy stuff, but here is the newest…. my sister’s friend jay is a nice guy, but I am sooo not interested, so I’m trying to ease my way out of talking to him, and hoping I don’t make my sister’s life difficult as a result. I heard from my army guy again, things seem to be going as well as can be in the middle of a stupid war in the iraqi desert, and we might get together for dinner when he is home on mid-tour leave. AND NOW… I’ve made a new friend. this is getting a little ridiculous, and I understand if you guys are rolling your eyes right now, but he’s really great. I met him at the Belmar one night when kim rescued me from a bottle of wine and dragged me to a party that wasn’t that great, so we ended up at the Belmar. This guy came over and started talking to kim, and since it wasn’t really interesting for me at all, and I had made eye contact with someone else, I decided to make a move. so, I went over and started talking to Craig and his friend Kevin, and that was that. Craig bought me a drink, I bought him one later, kim met back up with us at one point, made sure I was doing all right, and escaped home when she was ready. Craig walked me home and I’m not really sure how it all worked out, but he came upstairs with me (funny how confident you are after half a bottle of wine, two cups of keg beer, and then two pints at a bar). we sat on the couch and talked, and we got a little smushy. I warned him that I’ve only had one boyfriend and so he had to take his time, and he perfectly understood. He ended up staying until about noon the next day. he actually called that night, and he came over when I got home from work. we hung out on the couch for a long time, and when it looked like I was going to spend another night on my own freaking couch, I decided enough was enough. SO, being as un-smooth as possible, I asked him if he was planning on staying, and if so, could we move to the bed with the understanding that nothing was going to happen but it’s more comfy than the couch for two people? he was totally cool about it all, and stayed till a little after 3pm that day. (this is a little long and unbelievable, so thank you guys for “listening”) that night I hung out with kim and the boys, and then ended up choosing to stop by Craig’s on the way home from kim’s rather than Crandall street and we watched tv for a couple of hours before I went home. then he called me a couple days later and we hung out overnight a couple more times in a row. he went home saturday for christmas, but I got a call monday night saying he was in town for the night if I wanted to get together. we hung out that night, and then he took me out to lunch on tuesday before he headed back home. phew!! so what do you guys think? I was very surprised by myself for spending the night with this guys so much, but we haven’t slept together, he really is respecting me needing to take my time, and he is really great. he is a molecular geneticist at Binghamton, he went to Hartwick for four years, and he has just applied to Ohio State and a couple other places for his doctorate. he loves EMS and has been to Australia, New Zealand, and Costa Rica to collect samples and stuff for his thesis. all right, I’m sure I’ve gushed enough, and I bet I’m driving you guys crazy with the ever changing and ridiculously long guy sagas. isn’t it refreshing to not be hearing about steve though?

SO. I hope everyone else is doing well. I’m saving up my money to take some trips, I want to see my girls!! my address is 97 Chapin Street, Apt #3, Binghamton, NY 13905. and I don’t have anyone’s contact info, so please pass it along, I have cards and fun stuff to send all you guys!! I miss you all and once again, happy holidays and happy new years!!!! love and miss you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Happy Holidays!!

Happly Holidays everyone!! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season even though it is a lil less merry seems we aren’t exactly together for it. (by the way, I need Nicole’s address, can someone pass that info my way!!?!?)..I am home in Warsaw until the 30th when I go back to chicago to celebrate the new year for the first time by actually going out and doing something!! It should be rather exciting..i’ll fill you all in on the details..sorry i haven’t written in so long but i broke my computer and it has been getting fixed for the last month…not that i had anything really exciting to write about…med school has just been a lot of studying and only a lil sleeping and even less fun recently…but i am done with anatomy so that means no more dead bodies and lots more fun!!! things with sam are great and even though med school is hard i am still enjoying things in chicago!! you should all consider coming out to visit me…ask shira…she had fun when she came! i miss you all tons and hope that i will have a chance to chatch up with you all soon!! have a wonderful holiday season girls!!

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Ode to Bingo Land

Hey Ladies,

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! I cant believe it is the middle of December already! Yes, franny survived our recent snow storm. No falls on ice! Knock on wood, I have been doing so well here. Must be the lack of alcohol in my system? hmmm…I miss you guys sooo much! Our parties were great times. Thanks Shira for putting up some old pics. I am definately counting the days till I get to go home. It is weird only having a 2 week break. But my spring semester ends at the end of April, so I guess thats a good thing. As a form of procrastination I have been looking for awesome things to do this summer. (After a semester of summer school….ugh!) I actually found a 2 week program in Geneva, Switzerland where I get to tour the city and study the works of Jean Piaget. Why does everything have to be so expensive? Speaking of expensive, did anyone see “Ryan and Trista’s wedding”. Oh mi god it was soooooo beautiful and soooooo pink. There were flowers EVERYWHERE. Well thats what happens when you get to have a 4 million dollar wedding.

Love and kisses to everyone!

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Ice Ice Baby

girls.jpgCan you believe it’s almost Christmas?!?! Aieeeee!! Have any of you started shopping yet? I think I’m going to give everyone homemade presents this year. I just learned how to knit and am having so much fun doing it! (I know ha ha ha. Okay, so maybe fun isn’t exactly the right word, but it is quite relaxing!) I’m soooo looking forward to going home for the holiday–not that it’s torture living here–far from it–but I’m terribly homesick and actually looking forward to the snow. What are you all doing to celebrate your respective holidays? I completely agree with Jen on the whole missing-our-holiday-parties thing. Special events are just not the same anymore!

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Hello Everyone!

Hi guys! Long time no write… sorry! I’m super busy as i’m sure everyone else is and it’s impossible to get online to write to you all. The holiday season is here… yay! I’m sad that we are all so far away from each other though. Wish we could have a holiday party of some sort… i miss our partys! In other news, I just started the night shift at the hospital and so far so good. It’s a very different vibe and a bit slower pace at times on nights which is really nice. My sleep schedule is a little screwed up however, i’ll figure it out eventually. I’m going to be a bridesmaid in my friends wedding this august… she’s getting married in a castle on long island called oheka castle! it’s going to be soooo exciting! (jen do u know this castle?) On the relationship front, there are still no men in my life unfortunately but i’m keeping my eyes peeled. There are a few surgical residents that have caught my eye. Now lets see if i have the guts to make a move… hahaha! Well listen, if i don’t get a chance to call all of you, have a great holiday! have tons of fun! I hope you are all doing well! miss you!
laura 🙂

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Hi everybody? How are you all doing? I hope all is well and not too snowed in for us East Coasters. I’m doing good. I don’t know what I’ve kept you guys up to date on and what i haven’t so i’m sorry if i overlap (and don’t capitalize my i’s). I left stop and shop for good. It turned out to be a bit of a messy break up in the end because the higher ups at stop and shop are jerks. They decided only to tell me at the very last minute that they weren’t going to let me step down to a lower position. But i’m getting past it :). That was a few weeks ago. I’ve been sending my resume out to places…mostly publishing companies, and I just started working at barnes and noble again while i wait for a job. I just can’t get sick cause i don’t have benefits. In other news…i’ve been reading like a mad woman. It’s mostly been mindless romance novels–a lot of nora roberts. And, for all of you who love her (dawn especially) her new trilogy is amazing. The third one comes out in january but craig works at the company that publishes her books and he might be able to get me a galley copy :-D. I was thinking, we should start our own book club…maybe i’ll get my own website again and do it like a book club…i dont’ know how much time we all have for reading though. I’ll keep you posted. Hrmmm…what else? Tom is doing great. He’s working more than full time at CVS and he seems to really like it. (he likes organizing things and that’s all he gets to do all day long…i think it’s his own little heaven). He took a test to work for US customs. I don’t know when the results come in though. Theresa is still out in California, however Ryan will be leaving. He’s not happy out there and apparently being with the one he loves just isn’t enough so he decided to move back to Wisconsin…before christmas. I’m sure you can all guess my feelings on the the subject so i won’t elaborate here. Oh, and, you guys have to go see the Elf…so funny and heartwarming at the same time. I think that’s about all for now. I miss you guys so much.!!!!

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New Crib

Helloooo Everyone!! So here is my new new new address so you can all send lots of love and letters!! Woo-hoo!! It is:
229 Ainslie St. #2
Brooklyn, NY 11211

STILL no freaking job but I have an interview on Monday – keep your fingers crossed!! I miss you all!

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I miss you guys!!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say hello, and see how everyone is doing. Things are going good here. My surfing lesson was canceled, which was very sad to me, but I’ll just have to rescedule and try again! Work is going well. It’s pretty stressful, but everyone on the floor has been really helpful. As far as guys go…I kissed this one guy, who just so happens to be my roommates best friend…and that didn’t go over so well. Turns out they have a rule that he’s not allowed to hook up with her roommates. I wish they would post these rules somewhere or something. Anyway, she’s been out of town since it happened, and she gets back today, so we’ll see. I can’t really see it being a big deal, but who knows. Other than that, not much is going on. I get to go home for Christmas, so I am SO excited about that. I can’t wait to see my family. I miss you guys so much, and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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