oh my goodness I miss you guys!!! and I am equally slime for not writing in a ridiculously loooong time. Happy Birthday Caitlin, I’m sorry this is so ridiculously late, I’m a terrible horrible person.

Congrats to everyone on all the groovy groovy stuff that’s going on. once again, I am thankful and awed for this setup that lets me keep tabs on all my girls!

As for me, things are crazy and ridiculously slow in spurts. I still work full time for the construction company in endicott, but I have gotten a 2nd part-time job at Eastern Mountain Sports in the mall. the people there are REALLY nice, so I’m pretty excited about the expanding circle and the new income.

I went to a party for my sister’s friends who got married a couple of weeks ago, and I met another friend there. his name is Jay, and he has been calling me every night for the two weeks since we met. He is twenty-six and has a wonderfully fun massachusettes accent (he lives in a lil town called Bellingham, maybe 20 or 30 minutes from Boston). I keep going back and forth about how much I may or may not like him, and my sister keeps telling me I don’t have to decide right away (but you know me, I like to know what’s going on). He says he wants to come visit me before christmas and has guaranteed that I won’t be home alone in my apartment on new years. …. I was really good and very proud of myself and hadn’t talked or seen steve in two weeks. I came home from my first late day at EMS expecting to have a message from my mom or Jay, and I ended up having one from Steve!! he realized we hadn’t talked, and wanted to catch up. we got together with Lynn & Matt for monday night football, but then went back to my house to watch the 2nd half of the game (Lynn had to go to bed and kicked us out). so we were sitting on the couch, and I was good and on opposite sides, and then steve asked for a hug. I gave him one, and that was that, until later when he ended up next to me and kissed me. oy. and he asked me about jay, and we just kind of sat there for a while. I did send him home, nothing more than kissing occured, but when he got to the door, he said that he missed me. nothing has happened since, and I was really proud of myself for not giving in, but I really wish he would make up his freaking mind! … my little brother came last thursday to go to the Godsmack concert, and we had a bunch of fun. he brought a friend with him, and after the concert we ended up going over to Tony’s house and playing beer pong and hanging out, he said they had a good time. I met a “friend” at the concert who was supposed to call me and take me out to dinner, but I haven’t heard from him. but it was really really nice and fun. (wink wink).

ok, I’m sure that isn’t nearly as clear as I wanted it all to come out, but I doubt you guys need the play by play, so I’m sure it will be sufficient; boy crazyness, although I should probably just go with guy crazyness since both Jay and the guy from the concert (Rich) are 26 and no longer qualify as “boy”.

that’s about it. I have plateued slightly in the grad-school process, and I’m annoyed with myself for dragging my feet, but I’m blaming it on the fact that I have no computer at home. I get the urge and motivation to do stuff at 10:30 or 11pm and the library is closed by then! I guess that’s all for now. I have to go buy birthday presents for all my inconsiderate parents who were born within a week of each other (3 out of 4 of them, and all a month before christmas!) and I should probably hunt down some dinner too I realize this is ridiculously long, but I miss you guys so much!!! I love you all TONS and hope to hear from you soon. Happy Thanksgiving to my girls!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Exciting events

Talked to Dawn yesterday and it looks like we might be getting together next week for some Bingo-style fun and sun in Cali! Hotness. Did you all know that she’s taking SURFING lessons!?! Extremely hot. Especially considering that the water here is abouuuuuuuuut 20 degrees Farenheit. Serious dedication.

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campin.jpg What what! Hey girls!! It feels like ages since we’ve been together! Tomorrow it will be exactly 7 months that we’ve been apart!! AGHIGAIGHAHAIGHAI!!! This is miserable. It sounds like we’re all developing coping techniques–hanging out with mom, throwing ourselves into all-time-consuming jobs or school, devoting ourselves to only the most deserving men… But it’s just not the same being so far apart! I can’t wait until our next reunion!
I haven’t written in ages and feel totally guilty, here’s a quick update on what’s been going on in my life:
–Working two jobs, a recipe editing one for the education dept. at the CIA, and as a prep cook on the hot side for our special events department
–Planning on moving to San Francisco in April, at least for the summer but possibly for the next year or so. Looking to work at a top notch restaurant/patisserie. Need to save up for my soon-to-come trip to EUROPE!
–Dave and I are officially dating, this picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when he came to visit (SO MUCH FUN)! Apparently I’m destined to a life of long distance relationships! 🙂
–My sister Phoebe is probably having a baby as you read this! Due on Nov. 14, she’s just waiting for it to pop out! I can’t wait to go visit her (and the new baby girl, Sydney) at Christmas
–Going to Los Angeles for Turkey Day! Woohoo!
Anyhow, that’s about it… school is still going well, we started Pastry today (cakes, fancier desserts, wedding cakes, etc.) The only bad thing about this is that we have to go in an hour earlier to practice piping skills everyday. Aie yie yie, they really know how to work a girl! The 4:30AM wakeup time is definitely starting to catch up with me. I’ve been sick almost constantly since I’ve been here. I’d welcome any how-to-stay-healthy advice from you medically-inclined Roomies out there. I think I’m going to take some culinary arts classes at one of the other culinary schools in CA this summer to broaden my knowledge base on savory foods. Got to get to bed! Roses on your pillows and chocolate fondant in your ears! Hugs and kisses ~Sheesh

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Moooving on up

Hallloooo to the ladies of Roomies!! I miss you all so much!! Can I get a what what?? Okay Ensign Dawn Eatough, RN you and Shira Crane, CE (Cook extraordinaire) are the only ones whose addresses and phone numbers I am without. May I please have them so I may call when I am lonely in New York City and Jen is unable to take my call? Hell, so I can call you from dreary Rochester!! So I gave a verbal yes to an apartment in Brooklyn today – a two bedroom in Williamsburg. Haven’t signed a lease yet, but its only a matter of a week! I have gotten some leads on jobs and have enough money saved up to keep me afloat without a job for a couple of months but am confident that it will only be two weeks without a job, if it even comes to that. So, again I miss you all so much and think of you guys constantly!!

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gobble gobble

hey ladies,

i can’t believe it is almost thanksgiving!! whoa, time definately flieeeeeeeesss by! everything is pretty much same old same old here. end of the semester means papers, projects, and finals. (bet you non school gals miss all that fun!). still haven’t stolen any kids, so you guys don’t have to worry about being questioned by the FBI anytime soon. my mom was here visiting last weekend. she had tickets to the boston symphony orchestra, which actually wasnt THAT painful. we did some shopping and took a day trip to a nearby cute town called Newburyport.


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my goodness

Hi ladies. I’m sorry I haven’t kept in touch in a while. Life has been a little bit crazy. Mostly because of my job. It’s nuts. I’m paid to work 10 hours a day…but somehow, 10 hours a day isn’t enough. And for the stop and shop people, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough time…things have to get done. So i’ve been working 10-12 hours a day and not getting half of what i need to get done, done. It’s highly stressful (apparently i’m not good with stress). So i gave my two weeks notice. I can’t tell you how unhappy i’ve been in this job. I know it’s still new, but i can’t handle it. I’ve been dreaming about it, thinking about it non stop, talking in my sleep about it (i called tom steve, my manager’s name, in my sleep a couple weeks ago). Besides the stress, i have no life outside of it. I don’t mind spending 10 hours a day at work, as long as i like what im doing. But i hate it, so i gave my notice and i’ll probably go down to a full time, union, non managerial position with stop and shop. That will be decided sometime this week though. Hey, they could turn around and fire me all together–but then i’ll jsut find something else. I’m not worried, and i’m so much happier now that i wont’ be doing this much longer…i really am…even the hershey representative said so. the only good thing about the job was that i was eating kind of crappy and still losing weight because it was so physically demanding. I’ll just have to start eating better.

So, I’ve been a horrible friend lately too, which i am soo sooooo sorry for. I haven’t talked to any of you guys or posted or even replied to posts or anything. I miss Caitlin’s birthday completely (i’m sooooo sorry, happy birthday again), i missed craig’s birthday (remembered it 3 days before and then forgot it). So i’m sorry guys. I’m gonna try and be better (notice the try :)…i’m kind of ditsy when it comes to birthdays to begin with).

So what’s been going on with everyone else? I miss you all. I really wanted to go out dancing last night and i was sad that none of you were here to go dancing with. I tried to get dianne, chuck, and Tom to go into manhattan to a club with me, but no one wanted to go, so we just went to a bar, which was fun, it was a really good bar/pub and the bartender had an irish accent which was cool. Plus they took a lot of money off of our bill (it was like 20 dollars a person and we drank quite a bit). But still, I missed you guys a lot. How are you all doing? HOw are the jobs? The boys? The vacations (for the lucky of us :))? I’m gonna go christmas shopping with my mom now but i want to hear how everyone is. I miss you all!

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hi everyone! i know, i’m really bad at doing this consistently. its great to hear that everyone is doing sooooo well. that sounds like an awesome vacation caitlin k. and HAPPY B-DAY!!!!! congrats dawn on finishing training, and same with jen. as for everyone else, it’s great to be able to stay caught up as to what you’re all up to, and it sounds like everyone is doing well. i miss you all!
as for me, well, i took the job as manager of the photography studio. its going well. same as jen though i had a lot of cleaning and organizing to do. i’m staying put in this job for now until adam and i buy a house!!! we’ve been looking a lot lately and as soon as we find a good one, we’re going to buy it! there is one that we’ve had our eye on for a while, its not great, but it suits our needs. so we’ll see. wedding plans are moving along, we just talked to a florist, so as soon as we get the estimate that will be done, yay! i’m sooo excited. did i tell you that my dress is in, and its all paid for? well if i didn’t it is. another thing i dont’ have to worry about anymore. Oh, and Adam and i won a trip to the bahamas to an all inclusive resort. its for 3 days, it includes all the food, drinks (alcohol and others) and entertainment and everything. i’m very excited. other than that, adam will be done with school in a month, and he’s looking for a job, we have our fingers crossed on a couple. as i said before i’ll try to update more often. I miss you all a lot, and hope to talk to you in person sometime soon. bye for now!

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Vacation over :(

Well, my vacation has ended and it’s back to classes for me tomorrow 🙁 Thank you guys sooooooo much for sending me birthday cards and packages!! I just got them today or I would have said thank you earlier! You guys are so sweet to remember me! I do feel rather old though…23….yuck…

lets see..what else to write about…oh yeah…CANCUN!! It was amazing you guys!! It was so warm and sunny!! We had rain one night (and when i say rain i mean RAIN) , which stank a little cuz we were planning on going out that night. ..so we had to just stay in and drink champagne and eat chocolate in our king size bed…sigh…it was rough…but other than that the weather was beautiful!! THe place we stayed in was so fancy…we had our own personal conceirage to help us plan our vacation…and everyone thought we were on our honeymoon which was kinda neat…It was kinda strange though cuz the place had mostly old people at it due to the fact its not spring break..so we got some strange looks from people wondering what we were doing there…or maybe that’s cuz they saw us doing “something” on the balcony…anywhoo..We didn’t do all that much..just went to the beach and to the ocean and pool everyday…ate lots of great mexican food..and we went out one night to Coco Bongo. This club was rather unique, due to the fact that it didn’t just have dancing, but had kinda like a vegas show going on. They had people performing Madonna songs and a guy dressed up like the Mask that gave free shots…so that was wierd..But when you pay to get in you pay for an open bar…so we had a lot to drink…sam was still drunk at 2pm the next day!…I really wish you guys had been there so we could have danced on the bar together or on the huge balcony type thing overlooking the masses…we would have been the hottest chics around!! the other interesting story is that one really touristy restaurant we went to..This place had a midget dressed up as the devil working there…and he made balloon animals…and he made people dance with him…All of the other waiters dressed up like mexican banditos with fake bullets around them..There was a band that played so the waiters would ask people to dance randomly…i didn’t end up dancing with any of them because i avoided eye contact by hiding under the huge sombrerro i had to wear while dining…but on the plus side…the waiters made me and sam get into a congo line that went through the entire restaurant..then outside the restaurant..and then took you back into the restaurant..and when you entered..they poored tequila down your throat..score!!…one thing i am sure all my ladies will appreciate is that in mexico..they do like to give you lost of free shots!!….so in short…this was defiently the best vacation of my life and i really don’t understand why me and sam came back!

other than that the rest of my break was kinda boring…we got back the 29th..so i didn’t do much on my bday…and i had a rather lazy weekend at sam’s place..he has midterms so i just slept a lot and watched tv (he has more then 5 channels so its exciting for me!)..well i better go cuz this is getting long…but hope everyone is doing well and i miss you guys tons!!!!

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