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So this is gonna be a quick one. Next time i’m at tom’s house i’ll post longer and post the pictures from the cottage, but for now…


I start September 8th, three days two nights a week, 50 hours a week, 10 hour days…am i crazy? but i’m really really excited about it. And i’ll be making a lot more money than i am now 🙂

I’ll definately keep you guys posted on how the job is going. I miss you all!!

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I think we’re really adults now! :O

Hi everyone! I’m so glad to hear everyone is doing so well! Doesn’t it seem like everything is falling into place so quickly? Craziness. Not too much going on here…Nathan is wonderful! Such a sweetheart…this is not going to be good…I went away for one day and I missed him like crazy! Speaking of crazy…never go sailing with Caitlin L.! She tries to kill you…it’s quite frightening 🙂 Just kidding Caitlin! As usual, she was a wonderful hostess! Went to the DMB concert last night…incredible as usual. Got slightly tipsy beforehand (never too much to enjoy the show) and managed to get myself some more beads…don’t ask. They come one week from today to ship my stuff…guess who hasn’t packed yet! Yikes! I guess that’s all…miss you all like crazy! ~Dawn 🙂

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missing my ladies

So the countdown begins. Less than 2 weeks till I bust out of NYC and off to the equally overpriced land of hot educated sophisticated men called Boston. Haven’t started packing or shopping. I actually have to deal with my own kitchen?!?! No more dinning hall!! The last few days I have missed you guys sooo much. What I would do right now for a random Thursday night of watching Friends, cheap boxed wine, and other assorted yummy treats. Thanks Shira for the awesome blog idea. mwah! mwah!

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I miss eating ice cream with you!

Dessert.jpgI had some Ben and Jerry’s the other night and I know that I will forever more associate B&J with the Binghamton girls. What a tasy treat it is! But so much more enjoyable when you’re spoon fighting for the biggest chunk of brownie with six other girls! We should organize a synchronized ice cream eating extravaganza! (could be a little tricky with the time zone differences, but we’re all college grads, I’m sure we can figure it out!) We can each get our favorite flavor and then eat it at the same time!! DING!!! It’ll be just like we’re together again!! What do you think? Eh? Eh?

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GM Manager?

I’m glad that everyone seems to be doing so well by the way. I miss you all (i say that every time but i really do). So, I had my second interview for GM Manager, so i should find out soon if i got the job. The guy, bob connors, some head guy in the district, gave me the number of another GM Manager to call and find out “what i’m getting myself into” and then told me to call him back and let him know if i was still interested. So i did. And now i guess i just wait. I’m excited though, i hope i get it. In other news, I got way to drunk last night…vicki, craig, and i hung out at his house and drank, and i think it’s the drunkest i’ve ever gotten. I’m never drinking again :). I didn’t throw up but i was close…i felt aweful. But, not really a bad hang over so that was good. We did invent a new shot i think that i will tell you guys about because it was delicious. Fill at least two thirds of the shot glass with Kahlua (maybe more) and then top it off with a little butterscotch something or other. It’s very good. I hope everyone is well. I’ll talk to you all soon 🙂

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It’s a Girl!!!

Well I had my first anatomy lab today, and my cadever is a girl! The experience certaintly was unique, but extremely interesting as well. Its so weird that I had a lung in my hands today and tomorrow I get to dissect a heart…the things they let you do when you pay them $37,000!!
Not too much else really happening here. I unfortunately spend almost all my free time studying. I am really trying to not become a complete nerd, but they kinda force you to…the jerks…
but my building tried to through a lil party here last night…my floor has a balcony…so they had as many people as could fit on that out there last night..and some guys actually brought DJ equipment with them here, so we had some DJs…no one actually was dancing..but atleast we had some good tunes…Didn’t really meet anyone that cool unfortunately cuz most everyone was talking about dorking med school stuff, or Calfironia (cuz everyone here knows everyone cuz they all went to UCLA)…oh do i miss my girls to go out with!!
Guess that about sums it up for me…i have to go do some studying before Sam gets here for a “booty call” 😉
miss you all sooo much…

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Loss of NYC Juice

Haylo Chicas! I survived the blackout!! It was quite an experience. Our power didn’t come back till 7:40pm on Friday. 27 hrs!! Thankfully, my family wasn’t on the subway or in an elevator. NYC was definately strange. The bars and resturants in my area were packed at all times of the day. Not sure why people would choose to get drunk and become dehydrated in the heat and dark?!?! Most stores were closed, and I don’t even want to know how that is going to effect the economy. Little delis and pizza stores were trying to sell anything that wasn’t spoiled. I even survived with no traffic lights and running water. (Apt buildings’ water pumps are electric.) Everything else is going pretty well. Been emailing back and forth between my future aptmates. They are all older than me, but sound really nice. One of them described herself as sarcastic, happy/funny drunk, and pretty much down to earth. Its like we are twins! Orientation is Sept 3rd. I move to Boston Sept 7th, classes start Sept 8th. Registered for classes already. 4 classes, each 2.5 hrs. I was fortunate enough to cram them into 3 nites. Still not sure if I have an internship my first semester. Now for some shout outs:
Dawn: I can’t believe you sold Bessie. That car was major part of my college career. sniff sniff. I hope you received your bathing suit, I sent.
Jen: Yayayay, I am glad everything is flowing with the interview process. Don’t forget us little people.
Shira: Your in Cali already?!?! WOW!! thats soo cool. My friend Pia might be moving to San Francisco, which means I’d have 3 friends and some family in that state. Gonna have to see how far you guys are from each other.
Cait K. : Umm…did I read finals in your away message?!?! Glad to hear everything is going well with Sam.
Cait L.: Any updates on the job hunt?
Laura: Have you started working yet?
MWAH!! Lots of Love! 🙂

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Just saying hey

Hey everyone. Did everyone survive the blackout? I know Shira and Caitlin K did :). We got power back at 3:51 AM (i know because tom was sleeping in the room with me and when the power went on the tv went on full blast, and although it didn’t wake me up right away, it woke him up and he is very detail oriented–hence 3:51 :)). Was in weird in Manhattan frances? It must have been. In other news…my second interview for manager is on friday and then hopefully i will find out soon after that if i got the job (i hope i hope). How is everone else doing? Dawn, how is Nathan? Is he a sleepie baby? Oh, what’s going on with the cottage? are we going the 25th, 26th, and 27th? I hope everyone is enjoying the end of summer. I miss you guys…

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Hello all!

Hi everyone! I don’t really have much to say, but I just wanted to let you all know I was thinking about you! I keep reading about all of you visiting each other in fun cities and I’m jealous!! The new little addition to our family set me back A LOT in my preparedness to move across country, but I have a guide book to San Diego that I keep reading, and that helps. Nathan is perfect by the way, and you should all come to Albany to see him! (And you could even say hi to me while you’re here 🙂 ) Oh…last thing…I sold my car! This is very exciting because it’s extra money, and less stress cause I was worried about selling it, but I think you can all imagine how I feel about sending my Bessie off to live with someone else…
I guess that’s all…love you and miss you guys! ~Dawnie 🙂

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No more “Misadventures”

Hola girlies!! I definately loved Caitlin’s choice of words. I behaved soooo well, when they came to visit. But, I knew they had to leave with something, so I “purposely” bumped into a few people. wink wink 🙂 I guess I have matured with this whole graduation process?!?! Naaahhh, I don’t want to grow up, I am a Toy’s R Us kid!! Speaking of Toys R’ Us, they had the cutest baby stuff. So, all you guys with boyfriends, better hurry up and show me a baby!! 🙂 Lots of Love! P.S. I WANT BABY PICTURES, DAWN!!

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