Nicole’s Wedding Pictures

I just saw Nicole’s wedding pictures–check them out for yourselves on Snapfish (you’ll have to fill out the free registration form if you’re not registered yet). 

 I love the red detail in your dress, Nicole.  Hope married life is treating you well. Congratulations!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

I can’t believe everyone is getting married.  What the heck.  I may have to photoshop a picture of me in a wedding gown to see what it feels like…

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Wedding Pics

cait_wedding.jpgHave you all seen NYC Caitlin’s Aruba pictures yet?  If not, here they are!

And check out Frances’ on Snapfish (complete the free registration to view the photos).

I have yet to develop mine… 


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Strapless Dresses and Pretty Feet

sheesh_toes.jpgI feel like everyone is thinking about weddings and getting married lately! What’s up Ladies?! I went home last week to be in the wedding of one of my girlfriends from high school–fun fun! I feel it’s essential to get a manicure/pedicure for special occasions. You feel so princesslike afterwards! That’s what I’m doing in this picture–enjoying the full body massage chair while a Chinese lady scrubs my feet. I feel that would not be a very fun job, don’t you?

The dresses we had were very pretty, but I have to advise against strapless gowns in the future. They’re just not very comfortable or flattering. Who knew how disgusting that underarm/boob area flab is?!! Eww! I detest it and have started a rigorous toning routine. Do you guys know any good arm exercises?

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Brownies and Brides

I think every bride should have brownies on her wedding day.

I mean, if she wants them of course.

Not necessarily for dessert after the ceremony, but at some point during her wedding day I think it would be nice for a bride to have a brownie. Don’t you?

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