Valentine’s Day Party Ideas


Party Brainstorming…Just getting some ideas down.  (contents somewhat censored, this is a family blog)


pictionary.jpg1. Partners on hands and knees facing each other; a piece of string with some edible object in the middle.  Each partner has one end of the string in his/her mouth (perhaps more interesting if partners are male & female).  First one to eat the piece of food wins.  (We played this at one of my birthday parties when I was like…12.  It was really fun, I still remember how the string felt all wrapped around my tongue.  I think we used marshmallows).

2.  Pass the orange under the chin.  Stand in a circle (perhaps holding hands).  Pass the orange around the circle and then back again without using hands and without dropping the orange.  Could be done in teams.  Could be done with a banana and feet instead.  Person who drops the banana has to eat the mushy fruit (yuck!).

3.  Guess how many candy hearts in a jar.

4.  Love tree: paper hearts hung on plant; each heart has a name on it.  Timer rings every 20 minutes or so and one heart is picked from the tree.  That person must share their most interesting/exciting/strange romantic (or erotic, depending on your theme) experience with the group.  Perhaps they have to wear a silly hat while recounting the story and have their picture taken.

5. “Suck and Blow” Card game.  Everyone stands in a circle.  One person places a playing card to their lips and sucks air in to keep it from falling.  He/She turns to the person beside them and blows it to their lips.  The card is passed around the circle, hopefully without falling.  (My brother Ben says you can use a credit card if you don’t have playing cards handy…)

6.  How many words can you make out of the letters in Valentine’s Day?

7.  Everyone brings the name of somebody famous they’d like to kiss.  Names get written on pieces of paper or large name-tag type stickers and stuck on the backs of guests.  Guests ask each other yes or no questions to try and figure out who they are.


Red & pink foods (pink chocolate, beets, ketchup, berries, jell-o (made into lips or boobies, tomato soup, red peppers, Hawaiian pink salt, salmon, watermelon, cinnamon  hearts…)
Chocolate (warm, molten chocolate), Hershey kisses, Perugina Baci, fondue with flower fruit bouquet
Long pretzels, baby carrots
Meatballs, mini hotdogs, whole salami
Aphrodisiacs (oysters, Pelaverga wine, Champagne, etc…)
Melon balls, chocolate covered strawberries, heart-shaped, jam-filled cookies;
heart-shaped sugar cookies with colored frosting
Whipped Cream
Rosè Sparkling/Still Wine
Specially shaped pastas
Edible underwear

Crayon shavings ironed between two pieces of wax paper; cut into hearts.
Construction paper heart chains
Pictures of beautiful men & women pasted onto cardboard and hung from ceiling.
Pink balloons (different shapes)
Pink tuille/gauze
Fresh flowers (especially roses) 
Red twigs from the outdoors, candles, paper-bag lanterns
Sucker flower bouquet
Guests wear red and pink / dress sexy

romance, sensual, erotic, xox, hearthrob, emotion, longing, kiss, touch….

Poems!  Music!