Le Grand Buffet

I’m graduating from Culinary School today! Picture-mania as soon as I move into my new space. Planning on staying in the SF area for awhile–good news for all of you who have not come to visit yet! (Hint hint….) Going back East for the next three weeks for some quality bonding time and a family vaca. CAN’T WAIT.


  1. ben · April 12, 2004

    hey, did i miss my chance at some brownies? Congratulations on your graduation. congraduations? If you happen to be bored and in upstate NY at some point, let me know! Depending when you go back I may even have my new house…
    hope everything is going well!

  2. Shira · April 19, 2004

    Thanks, Ben! I will be sending out a second round of brownies out soon and will make sure the post master delivers some your way–do you have a new addy? Congratulations to you on the house! That sounds like serious business to me! Is it a fixer-upper and are you fixing it up? Everything’s going fantasically here–hope it’s the same with you!!