Summer Vacation 2012

Here are the pictures from our trip to Greenville, SC & Tybee Island.  Carrie & Oak came to visit us at Mom & Dad’s new place in Greenville.  They brought a ton of awesome summer sausage, artisan beer, cheese and fancy mustard with them too, which we totally pigged out on for days!  After exploring Greenville for a week we drove over to Savannah and had a family reunion on Tybee Island, GA.  Ben flew in from California, Phoebe came down from New Jersey and Seth met us there since he was living nearby.  A week on the beach!

Among the  most memorable highlights were an amazing impersonation of Tiny Tim performed by Dad (please see video), paddle boarding in the ocean, boondoggling, daily pool games in our very own kitchen, hours and hours on the beach, and plenty of family bonding.  Read on for pictures and anecdotes!

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  1. Jenny Sanderlin · September 24, 2012

    Hi all you Cranes and other folk!! I totally enjoyed looking at these photos and could not help smiling at all the fun you were having and looking at your funny antics. I feel akin, although I do not see you anymore. May you always be blessed. Trust in the creator, but do not forget to tie your camel!

  2. Joan Hatch · September 28, 2012

    Shira the photos are wonderful. Get to see all of the Cranes without the travel time. Great to see Ben, Seth Phoebe and the whole family. It looks like you had a wonderful time

  3. Shira · September 29, 2012

    @Jenny – glad you enjoyed! I think you would have especialy enjoyed Dad’s Tiny Tim rendition. I wish I had gotten it on video.

    @ Joan – it was a totally fun trip!

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