New Album!

Check out Hotshots for a new photo album featuring pictures from Keuka Lake Summer ’03.


  1. benitez · March 13, 2004

    Those crem brulee’s were excellent!!! I am not sure what you are talking about shira. Besides … I am only as good as my teacher 🙂

    And you forgot to mention the wonderful service you received with your Irish Coffee. I think his name was Dave.

    Great pics Sheesh!!! ’twas a great summer.

  2. Shira · March 16, 2004

    Now that you mention it, that server was quite good looking. That Irish coffee was so good, I fantasize about it just about every weekend. A little creme de menthe drizzled on the whipped cream….’twas quite delish.

    I have a feeling summers like that–full of freedom and fun–are over until retirement. Fiddle dee dee. I’m going to keep hoping they’re not gone forever.