Harvest Creation

A picture of this week’s harvest creation featuring amaranth, yellow roses and their seed pods and an 8 ft tall unnamed orange flower. I am so in love with Amaranth (got the seeds online from John Scheepers) -it makes the water in the vase turn purple after a day!  You can harvest the amaranth seeds and pop them like mini-baby popcorn in a frying pan – and you can eat the leaves raw in salad or cooked like beet greens.  It’s definitely a multi-purpose plant that brings loads of color to the garden even into Fall.

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  1. Carrie · October 3, 2010

    Pretty!! All of that came from your garden?? I’m officially impressed 🙂 What are those bulbous looking things??

    I need to grow some flowers for arrangements next year! Didn’t have too much luck with flowers with all the extreme heat and the deer (who think any flower is delicious apparently except cone flowers). Maybe next year 🙂

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